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Thanks Democrats, Illinois Fails Again: Worst in Midwest for Private Sector Job Creation

-By Warner Todd Huston I have been chronicling all the major failures of the once great state of Illinois and this week we have yet another one. A new tabulation of private sector job creation finds that Illinois created a dismal 500 non-government jobs in 2013 making it the single worst state in the Midwest... Read more »

Mike Madigan’s 11 Favorite Republicans

-By Doug Ibendahl Mike Madigan is having a nice chuckle today at the expense of the Illinois Republican Party. That’s assuming of course Mike Madigan even thinks about the Illinois Republican Party. My sense is Madigan worries about the Illinois GOP to the same extent the eagle worries about the sparrow. Over the weekend at... Read more »

Mike Madigan and Dee Beaubien BFF’s?

(Originally posted at Don’t Elect Dee. Democrat kingpin Mike Madigan is one happy man knowing that Personal PAC and Equality Illinois, the biggest pro-abortion and peo-homosexual/transsexual rights groups in the state, are trying to qualify Dee Liberal for the ballot in the 52nd. With David McSweeney a lifelong Reagan Republican, Madigan has no hope of... Read more »

Madigan’s Pension Constitutional Amendment Ploy

-By Lennie Jarratt In addition to the many pension reform proposals being discussed in Springfield currently, Speaker Michael Madigan is proposing a Constitutional Amendment to supposedly stop the legislature from easily passing increased pension benefits in the future. There are several problems with this approach. 1. In essence, Speaker Madigan is admitting the Legislature can’t... Read more »

Illinois Budget Deficit: Worst of the Worst

-By Warner Todd Huston Illinois ended 2010 as the most indebted state in the union. Sadly, not a thing has been done so far in 2011 to make it better. Instead, it will get worse. As State House News reports, the state rings in at number 50 in the nation’s most broke states. Illinois owed... Read more »

ILL. Policy Institute: $69,500 vs. $56,500‏

Government unions are suing the State of Illinois for not issuing what would have been their third round of raises in just seven months. Last week, the unions took to the street to demand “fair pay.” Watch this one minute video that asks Illinois public employees, “Who makes more: public employees or private workers in... Read more »

Ill Policy Institute: Three Raises in a Year?‏

From the Illinois Policy Institute… If you were looking for a way to get involved this summer, we’ve got four chances for you to do so in the next few weeks – two Adopt-A-District training sessions in Rockford and Peoria, an education policy breakfast in Chicago and a Springfield panel discussion as part of the... Read more »

Quinn's Big Cuts Amount to a Mere $8 Per Citizen

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Over the past week, there has been a lot of news coverage of the line item vetos Gov. Quinn made before signing the budget. Many have mischaracterized this budget as one that is austere. As we’ve said before that is not the case and these additional “cuts” the governor made... Read more »

Illinois Legislative Session Wrap Up

-By Warner Todd Huston So, once we get past the vague, gut feeling that not much was done in this past legislative session, we can look over the last several months and assess what Springfield done for us all. As the state was distracted by yet another trial for Rod Blagojevich (this time a successful... Read more »