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Obama Wasting Billions Paying Off Buddies and Unions With Immigration Spending

-By Warner Todd Huston As Obama starts shipping tens of thousands of these illegal alien minors all across the nation to be housed in cities everywhere, your tax dollars follow them and some of this money is going to Obama’s pals in liberal organizations and unions to care for these children all paid for by... Read more »

NBC Uses Che Guevara-Loving Illegal Immigration Activist to Denounce Arizona

-By Warner Todd Huston In a report on the recent Supreme Court decision reversing parts of Arizona’s immigration law, NBC’s Matt Taibbi gave extensive airtime to an activist for illegal immigration. The woman was shown sitting in a room prominently featuring a poster of Cuban communist, terrorist and murderer, Che Guevara, and among other activists... Read more »

My Call to the Department of Justice Racism And Civil Liberties HOTLINE!!

-By Warner Todd Huston My friend SooperMexican sends along the result of his call to Eric Holder’s DOJ Arizona racism hotline. Says Soops: When the news broke that the Department of Justice had set up a “hotline” to call in abuses of civil liberties in Arizona after the Supreme Court ruled on SB1070, I didn’t... Read more »

Rep. Walsh to Holder: What Are You Hiding?

From the office of Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)… Votes to hold Holder and DOJ in contempt of Congress WASHINGTON – Today Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8), as a member of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee, voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for not cooperating with an October... Read more »

Obama Invokes Nixonian Executive Privilege But Scolded Bush for the Same Thing

-By Warner Todd Huston Good for me but not for thee is Obama’s refrain as he invoked Executive Privilege to keep hidden his actions with the disastrous Justice Dept. program called Fast & Furious — a program responsible for several deaths of American law enforcement officers as well as hundreds of Mexican citizens. In 2007... Read more »

Obama's Lost Fast & Furious Guns Linked to Numerous Murders, We Need Answers, Mr. President!

We deserve answers and accountability, Mr. Obama. Video courtesy of American Future Fund.

Now 91 Congressmen Have 'No Confidence' In AG Holder

-By Warner Todd Huston Fully 91 members of Congress have signed onto a resolution of no confidence in U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the man that bears the most responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious — an Obama administration policy that allowed thousands of American guns to get into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists, guns... Read more »

AG Eric Holder: Death of a US Border Agent? Pffft, Just Racist My Opponents Playing 'Gotcha Games'

-By Warner Todd Huston Obama’s policy of forcing US gun shops in the southwest to sell American guns to Mexican narco-terrorists has already killed one for sure and maybe two U.S. law enforcement agents. Obama’s Operation Fast And Furious is also responsible for selling the guns that were used to kill well over 200 Mexican... Read more »

Congressional 'No Confidence' Resolution Filed Against AG Holder

-By Warner Todd Huston A couple of new things have occurred concerning the deepening scandal over Operation Fast And Furious, the Obama policy of arming Mexican narco-terrorists that has killed so many. The biggest is, of course, that an official resolution of no confidence has been introduced in the House of Representatives that has more... Read more »

Proof: Obama DID Intend to Use Fast And Furious For Gun Control Push

-By Warner Todd Huston Early in my coverage of the mounting scandal over Obama’s policy of arming Mexican narco-terrorists, I said that this was obviously a thinly veiled attempt to create a false narrative geared toward pushing more gun control policies on Americans in order to eliminate our Second Amendment rights. Looks like I was... Read more »