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Thank You Veterans

Mitt Romney’s message for the day… “It’s time for us to come together and to carry our message across this country, we’re restoring those principles that made America the great nation that it is …. We’re going to keep America strong, and worthy of the great sacrifice of America’s veterans and those young men and... Read more »

Happy Memorial Day, 2012

As we take the day off to celebrate Memorial Day, we wish you and your family a great day.

MSNBC Liberal Chris Hayes 'Uncomfortable' Calling Our Troops 'Heroes'

-By Warner Todd Huston After a morning in remembrance of our fallen troops and an afternoon firing up the gas grill to burn up a mess of burgers, hot dogs, and brats for my family as we observe what has become a traditional American Memorial day meal (Some of us in my household are working... Read more »

Memorial Day 2012: THIS Is What American Troops Are Made Of...

-By Warner Todd Huston For Memorial Day, I don’t usually post much, preferring to dedicate the day to memorializing our troops. To do that this year, I am going to share this story about the mettle of our troops. What follows are excerpts from remarks by Marine Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly to the Semper... Read more »

The Beginnings of Memorial Day

-By Warner Todd Huston A few years after the Civil War as the nation started upon its long road toward reconciliation, rebuilding, and healing the wife of one of the war’s union generals noticed the touching devotion of Confederate widows, wives and their children as each year they came together to place flowers and little... Read more »