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Illinois Blogger Threatened With Lawsuit by Anti-Free Speech Democrat Jack Franks

-By Warner Todd Huston Blogger Cal Skinner of McHenry County Blog is under attack by another anti-free speech Democrat — not that any Democrat is pro-free speech, of course. Democrat State Rep Jack Franks has sent Mr. Skinner a threatening letter essentially telling him to stop writing about him, or else. Now, Democrat Franks wants... Read more »

McHenry Co.: Bid to Place Franklin on Ballot Fails

-By Warner Todd Huston We’ve reported on the effort to get Tonya Franklin placed on the Nov. ballot to face Dem. House Rep. Jack Franks (63rd District). Well, that effort has officially fizzled. The final word is that the McHenry County GOP is more than happy to allow Democrat Franks to run for a fourth... Read more »

McHenry GOP Chairman Now Trying to Thwart Will of his OWN Committeemen?

-By Warner Todd Huston The effort to get the McHenry GOP to give its stamp of approval to Tonya Franklin who has volunteered to run against Democrat House Member “Chainsaw” Jack Franks, as Call Skinner calls him, has taken an ugly turn as the McHenry GOP chairman is now trying to work against the expressed... Read more »