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To Breitbart: Credit Where It's Due?

-By Warner Todd Huston In an otherwise interesting piece on the way conservatives set the agenda for media coverage of the Democrat convention and its removal of God and Jerusalem from the Party platform, Slate committed the all too common error of lazy attribution. In a Sept. 7 piece, Slate noted how conservatives had basically... Read more »

Obama Thinks 'Made In The USA' Is 'Three Words'

Now for a Sunday night palate cleanser… I guess after Obama gets done touring our “57 states,” he’s going to go back to grade school in Indonesia to learn to count. Of course, he’s just like his Vice President, Joey “The Clown” Biden…

DNC's Joe Biden Video Features Joe Standing With a Union Criminal

-By Warner Todd Huston The Democrat National Committee wanted to make a nice heartwarming video telling America and convention goers how wonderful ol’ “Sheriff Joe” Biden is. But, oops, one of the still photos included in the retrospective shows Biden standing chummy with a union member that was arrested for pick pocketing in 2009. The... Read more »

Gary Hart Predicts Obama in a Landslide

-By Warner Todd Huston One-time presidential hopeful Gary Hart recently penned a blog post at Huffington Post predicting that if the coming presidential election is decided on “the economy stupid,” it “won’t even be close.” It’ll be Obama/Biden in a landslide. Hart notes, and correctly, that the economy is quite intertwined with foreign policy these... Read more »

Apologize! Boston Globe Slams VP Biden Over 'Chains' Remark

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week the talk of the news cycle centered on yet another “gaffe” by Vice President Joe Biden. In front of an audience half filled with African Americans Biden made the outrageous claim that Republicans want to put blacks “back in chains.” Many left-wingers and Democrats rushed out to defend Biden’s... Read more »

Rolling Stone Editor: Come On, Everybody 'Gets' Biden!

-By Warner Todd Huston Eric Bates, the executive editor of the scintillating, intellectual journal Rolling Stone, wants us to just forget about worrying over Vice President Joe Biden’s constant gaffes. We all “get” Joe, he says, so let’s just ignore his long trail of mistakes and idiotic statements. That is what Bates said from the... Read more »

CNN's O'Brien Scoffs at Democrat Spin Of Biden's 'Chains' Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston Perhaps in an attempt to prove she isn’t a left-winger after all, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien has found an Obama talking point that she feels quite comfortable slamming. O’Brien finds the spin that Vice President Biden didn’t mean anything by his “put ya’all back in chains” comment is a bit hard to... Read more »

MSNBC Commentator: Hey, Biden Talking In Black Dialect Didn't Mean He was Talking about Blacks!

-By Warner Todd Huston Proving that nothing so painfully obvious as Joe Biden saying that Republicans want to bring back chattel slavery can’t be spun away into meaningless babble, MSNBC trotted out Joy-Ann Reid on the August 15 broadcast of News Nation with Tameron Hall to prove it could be done. On Tuesday, Vice President... Read more »

Remember When Joe Biden Stole from Bobby Kennedy?

-By Warner Todd Huston Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed wanted to remind us of when Joe Biden plagiarized Bobby Kennedy when Joe was running for president back in 1988. Andrew has the citation for this at his posting.

Denial: VP Biden Says Taliban NOT Our Enemy, Obama Official Refuses to Say al Qaeda are 'Radical Islamists'

-By Warner Todd Huston President Obama and his various quislings and underlings still cannot bring themselves to say that the USA is under attack by radical Islamists. This is the self-destructive garbage that comes from the Obama administration every day. This is the kind of stuff that makes of us the “weak horse” that Islamists... Read more »