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How is Obamacare being Received in the States?

-By Warner Todd Huston has been doing yeomen’s work covering how the various states are reacting to Obamacare and the Supreme Court ruling making it legal. You can see the collected stories HERE, but here are a few highlights: Wisc.: Walker says he won’t implement it. Vir.: McDonnell: “This is a blow for freedom”... Read more »

Hmmmm, Typo Hypothesis Claims Santorum Actually Won in Iowa?

-By Warner Todd Huston Did Mitt Romney accidentally get 20 extra votes because of a typo made in Appanoose County? Ed True, a 28-year-old caucus goer in the town of Moulton, Iowa, says that he was at the caucus and on his notes Romney only got two votes in his precinct. Yet when he checked... Read more »

Pawlenty on the Edge of Being Out of the Race

-By Warner Todd Huston Tim Pawlenty sure seemed like a fine candidate. But he might be on the edge of being out of contention with his constantly low polling numbers and his anemic fundraising. He seems to understand his precarious position, too, as he’s stepping up his game. Pawlenty is making what seems like a... Read more »

Lefty Outrage Du Jour: Bachmann's Staffers Manhandle Reporter

-By Warner Todd Huston ABC’s Brian Ross claimed that Michele Bachmann’s staff pushed him around on July 19 at a campaign appearance. I know, I know, you are waiting for the pity party to start. In a fit of wild hyperbole, Ross called his treatment by Bachmann similar to the treatment he’s received “mostly by... Read more »