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[VIDEO] Voice of the People: Talking Obamacare in Times Square

The Heritage Foundation’s Chris Jacobs visited New York City to ask people about Obamacare: Do you think it’s hazardous to your health? DEFUND OBAMACARE NOW! Video courtesy of The Heritage Foundation.

Photo: The Very First Computer in the U.S. House of Reps

This is an interesting post from Roll Call’s Friday Flashback: The First Computer in the House These days, in absence of computers it would be hard for Capitol Hill to conduct any business. But in the late 1960s, the new technology was a novelty in a world of typewriters and the ever-reliable pen and paper.... Read more »

One Picture to Show the Difference Between Failed Government and the Business Sector

-By Warner Todd Huston A great image from Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam (R,IL) who recently posted a photo on his Facebook page that really highlights the failure of government. Roskam posted the photo with the headline “Government monopoly vs. private sector. Just sayin’.” And take a look to see how right he is… Here we... Read more »

Illinois Democrat Sara Feigenholtz Thinks Govt's Job is to 'Give Rights'

Illinois State Representative Sara Feigenholtz thinks her job is to “give rights” to people. Feigenholtz recently blurted that out in an interview giving us a perfect example of the key difference between those interested in preserving the American system, its morals, and traditions, and those that have no interest in such niceties and instead what... Read more »

Paul McKinley for Congress Illinois 2nd District has been Devastated

Paul McKinley exposes the devastation of the 2nd district of Illinois. Early voting is under way. Election Day is April 9, 2013.

Washington's Spending Problem

Over the past four years, President Obama and Congress have racked up huge spending bills. From the failed stimulus to the President’ new health care law to runaway spending on entitlement programs, Washington has blown through every dollar taxpayers have sent plus trillions more. Families all over America are tightening their belts. It’s time Washington... Read more »

2012 Election BRUTAL for Republicans in Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston The 2012 elections in Illinois was brutal to the GOP. Republicans lost seats both in Washington and in Springfield. This election shows that the Illinois GOP is non-existent. Completely useless in every respect. Here are some of the results that affect the immediate Chicago area. Federal House of Representatives All our... Read more »

Why is Democrat Brad Schneider Lying in 10th District Campaign Ads?

The Democrat running for Congress in the 10th District has an outright falsehood in one of his campaign ads now running on Chicago TV stations. In that ad, Brad Schneider claims that his Republican opponent, Bob Dold, is described as a “Tea Party loyalist.” This, however, is a lie. Schneider claims that the Houston Chronicle... Read more »

Roskam, Dold, Hultgren: Statements on Attacks of U.S. Embassies

Three of our Illinois Congressmen issued statements about the attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt. Peter Roskam, 6th District: “My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Sean Smith and their two colleagues whose lives were taken yesterday while serving their country in... Read more »

Reps. Peter Roskam and Joe Walsh Statements on 11th Anniversary of the Attacks on 9/11 (Update W/Hultgren Message)

Peter Roskam, 6th Congressional District Representative, released this statement: Washington, DC—Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) released the following statement on the eleventh anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack: “Today, we pause in memory of the tragic losses our nation suffered on September 11, 2001. Eleven years ago, we witnessed with terror and disbelief as... Read more »