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FOX News Honors Hispanic Heritage Month: First Migrant Farm Worker to Become a NASA Astronaut

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox News has been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15) and this week the cable newser featured a very interesting profile of the first Hispanic migrant farm worker that went on to become a NASA astronaut! As part of its month-long celebration, each Friday Fox News is featuring a profile... Read more »

Them Dang Hispanics Are Having Too Many Babies... Or Something

-By Warner Todd Huston For the last 20 years or so, there have been a lot of white Americans expressing alarm at all the little brown babies rolling around our nation of immigrants. It has worried them for quite some time. The trope is that whites are afraid they’ll be hip deep in the mewling,... Read more »

Confiscated: Obama Afraid Latinos Will Attack Him With Forks At Luncheon

-By Warner Todd Huston Imagine if Bush had insulted his Latino guests like this. Latinos with forks, that seems to be Obama’s newest fear. At least, that’s the case judging from his actions at this years National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) luncheon since Obama had the Secret Service confiscate all the dinner forks... Read more »

GOP Argues For More Hispanic Representation

From the campaign to elect Andrew Palomo to Congress (8th District)… Hispanic Andrew Palomo, 5 Months into campaign for U.S. Congress in the New 8th District in Illinois Barrington, Illinois, December 15, 2011: The Democrats Congressional map is final. While the Republican delegation filed a lawsuit due to the growing Hispanic population and lack of... Read more »