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Just as Bad: Proof of Ill. GOP Consorting With Union Thugs

-By Warner Todd Huston Trevor Loudon attended last week’s GOP convention and discovered the sad evidence that the Illinois Republican Party is just as bad as Democrats in its desire to consort with extremist, left-wing Marxists and union thugs — not to mention fill their pockets with that dirty money. At the GOP convention, Loudon... Read more »

Mike Madigan’s 11 Favorite Republicans

-By Doug Ibendahl Mike Madigan is having a nice chuckle today at the expense of the Illinois Republican Party. That’s assuming of course Mike Madigan even thinks about the Illinois Republican Party. My sense is Madigan worries about the Illinois GOP to the same extent the eagle worries about the sparrow. Over the weekend at... Read more »

IL GOP Delegates Furious Over 'Rigged' Convention

From William J. Kelly…

What Happened at the Illinois GOP Convention? Mostly Status Quo, But...

-By Warner Todd Huston The Illinois Republican Party held its 2012 Party Convention this weekend. On the docket was addressing some asked for rules changes and picking a slate of delegates to the GOP national convention to nominate Mitt Romney to carry the Party’s banner in the upcoming presidential election. My ultimate analysis is that... Read more »

Morrison: Time for Illinois Republicans to Reclaim Right to Vote

-By Sean Morrison As American citizens, we are proud that “we the people” have the freedom and the right to vote for our leaders. No matter the party affiliation, in our democracy we, by a majority vote, choose our elected officials and grant them authority to act on our behalf. What’s the point? Every citizen... Read more »

Officials Fear: Floor Fight at Illinois GOP Convention, June 8,9

-By William J. Kelly Anger over IL GOP’s Attempt to “Bamboozle” Delegates Chicago, Illinois – The Illinois Republican State Convention begins this Friday, June 8 at the Tinley ParkConvention Center. But activists are already worried that corrupt practices will threaten to undermine the voting rights of registered Republican delegates. Scores and scores of Illinois Republican... Read more »

Here’s How Direct Elections Will Revive a Lifeless Illinois GOP

By Doug Ibendahl Another Illinois Republican State Convention is upon us. Illinois law requires both established parties to hold a convention every four years. This time there is an historic opportunity for regular Republicans to make their Illinois Party better. Adoption of the resolution linked HERE will immediately return the Illinois Republican Party to Republican... Read more »

Why Rodney Davis is not the Right Choice for the 13th District

-By Jon Zahm Rodney Davis, Special Projects Director for Congressman Shimkus has some strong talents. He knows how to articulate conservative positions. He understands how to manage campaigns. His track record in that area is much better than Jerry Clarke’s, who I wrote about yesterday. Rodney has good relationships with many people across the 13th... Read more »

Here’s What Happened at the Last State GOP Convention

-By Doug Ibendahl As the old saying goes, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. State law requires the established political parties to each have a state convention once every four years. We Republicans wouldn’t be having one this year in Illinois if the law didn’t require it. When State GOP... Read more »

First Candidate to 'Vote Off the Island' in District 13‏: Eliminate Firsching First

-By Jon Zahm Dr. Mike Firsching has run for Congress the last two primaries. Taking on Congressman Shimkus in 2010 and Congressman Johnson in 2012. The first time he ran he received 18% of the vote and the second time just 13%. I was wondering why a Vet (Animal Doctor) from U of I, former... Read more »