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Thanks Democrats, Illinois Fails Again: Worst in Midwest for Private Sector Job Creation

-By Warner Todd Huston I have been chronicling all the major failures of the once great state of Illinois and this week we have yet another one. A new tabulation of private sector job creation finds that Illinois created a dismal 500 non-government jobs in 2013 making it the single worst state in the Midwest... Read more »

Poll: Even People in Illinois Say Illinois Worst State to Live In

-By Warner Todd Huston Now, usually when a state is dissed it is dissed by people from outside the state. With the usual hometown bravado, and all, denizens of a state used to stick up for their own in the face of criticism. But a new poll finds that Illinois is so bad, even people... Read more »

Hey Voters, Don't Let Illinois Democrats Raise Income Taxes on the Middle Class

-By Warner Todd Huston Illinois Democrats want to put a measure on the next ballot to get Illinoisans to agree to change the state constitution to allow a progressive income tax to be instituted. But Democrats are lying to the faces of every citizen when they say that this would only raise taxes on “the... Read more »

Just as Bad: Proof of Ill. GOP Consorting With Union Thugs

-By Warner Todd Huston Trevor Loudon attended last week’s GOP convention and discovered the sad evidence that the Illinois Republican Party is just as bad as Democrats in its desire to consort with extremist, left-wing Marxists and union thugs — not to mention fill their pockets with that dirty money. At the GOP convention, Loudon... Read more »

Family of Illinois State Senator Moves Business Out of Illinois!

-By Warner Todd Huston Mike Frerichs is running to keep his seat in the 52nd District Senate seat from Champaign County. He clams he’s all about small businesses in Illinois. Yet, things have gotten so bad during his term in office that his own family is moving their business out of Illinois and into Indiana.... Read more »

Video: John Bambenek, Candidate for the 52nd District State Senate

Senate candidate John Bambenek recently appeared at the South Barrington Club at a gathering of supporters. Here is the address he gave to those in attendance. Facebook: Twitter:

Illinois Blogger Threatened With Lawsuit by Anti-Free Speech Democrat Jack Franks

-By Warner Todd Huston Blogger Cal Skinner of McHenry County Blog is under attack by another anti-free speech Democrat — not that any Democrat is pro-free speech, of course. Democrat State Rep Jack Franks has sent Mr. Skinner a threatening letter essentially telling him to stop writing about him, or else. Now, Democrat Franks wants... Read more »

Dee Beaubien - Auditioning for Madigan’s Caucus

-By Jon Zahm In the event that lightning strikes and by some miracle she wins…Dee Liberal won’t even answer the question of whether she will vote for the Democrat Speaker Mike Madigan- the 42 year political lifer from Chicago, or Republican Tom Cross, when the House reorganizes after the November election. Reports from the field... Read more »

Mike Madigan’s 11 Favorite Republicans

-By Doug Ibendahl Mike Madigan is having a nice chuckle today at the expense of the Illinois Republican Party. That’s assuming of course Mike Madigan even thinks about the Illinois Republican Party. My sense is Madigan worries about the Illinois GOP to the same extent the eagle worries about the sparrow. Over the weekend at... Read more »

IL GOP Delegates Furious Over 'Rigged' Convention

From William J. Kelly…