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Fox News Asks 'Who is the Enemy'?--Special on the NSA to Air Saturday

-By Warner Todd Huston Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the US government has engaged in a secret war against… well, even those not under a rock are fuzzy on just who the government views as the enemy. That is exactly what Fox News looks to explore with its new special,... Read more »

'Enemies of the State': Fox News to Air Repot on Gov't Harassment

-By Warner Todd Huston We are seeing news of left-wingers' fascist attacks all across the country. With the resignation of Mozilla's CEO who only had his position for a week, to Dem. Senate Majority "leader" Harry Reid from the floor of the U.S. Senate attempting to destroy the Constitutional right of conservatives to donate to political causes to Obama verbally attacking individual Americans and using his IRS to destroy his enemies, we live in perilous times for freedom of speech. Without a doubt Obama's government is constantly whipping up hatred for anyone who disagrees with the liberal line. So, at 10PM Eastern on Saturday, April 5, Fox is airing FOX News Reporting: Enemies of the State to expound on this anti-free speech crusade being perpetrated by people and entities ranging from President Obama, Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, to the NSA and the IRS and others on the left-wing of the American political sphere. The one-hour special will be hosted by FNC’s Jon Scott and will focus on Americans who have found themselves in the crosshairs of their own government. During the program, Scott will be joined by FNC senior national correspondent John Roberts and co-anchor of America’s News HQ Greg Jarrett to investigate four issues where private citizens found themselves in battles against the government...

Chgo Reporter Attacked by Chgo Teachers Union Thugs at Rally

-By Warner Todd Huston Jeremy Segal was filming the protesting Chicago Teachers downtown on Monday trying to get a few questions in with Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and agitator Rev. Jesse Jackson when operatives for the union began to push him, manhandle his video equipment and punch him in the chest. Segal was... Read more »

The Free Press Act: A Proposal to Reinvigorate Our Freedom of Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston In this day of mounting threats to our freedoms it is time to reinvigorate our Bill of Rights and so Senator John Kyl (R, AZ) has introduced S. 3493, The Free Press Act. This bill aims to prevent nuisance lawsuits meant only to quash freedom of speech, to stop the intimidation... Read more »

Happiest Nations Also Have Freedom of the Press

-By Warner Todd Huston A University of Missouri study has found that nations with the happiest citizens share something in common. They also have an established tradition of a free press. Missouri University Journalism student Edson Tandoc, Jr. and co-author, Bruno Takahashi from Michigan State University, correlated data from 161 countries and applied that to... Read more »

NY City Council Speaker Stands Up Against Freedom of Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston Judging by this whole Chick-Fil-A oppression program liberals are engaging in, it’s no wonder Jonah Goldberg had a hit with his recent book, Liberal Fascism. This time it is City Council Speaker Christine Quinn who is proud to stand against our Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion,... Read more »

Hollywood Disconnect, Valuing 'Equality' More Than 'Liberty'

-By Warner Todd Huston We are soon to be regaled by yet another movie from Hollyweird that likely misunderstands the difference between liberty (or freedom) and equality. This we might infer from the recently released advance plot synopsis for the upcoming movie Elysium from Director Neil Blomkamp, director of the surprise 2009 Sci Fi hit... Read more »

Aaron Worthing Wins Blow for Free Speech, Then Gets SWATed

-By Warner Todd Huston Earlier today, *Aaron Worthing's illicitly imposed muzzle was lifted from him by a successful stay of foolish Judge Vaughey's "flagrantly unconstitutional prior restraint upon" upon Worthing's rights to free speech. And then? Well, then some criminal leftist SWATed him. For those unaware of the details of this story check out Dana Loesch's May 25 post here. But essentially, a convicted left-wing, domestic terrorist named Brett Kimberlin began a campaign to use nuisance lawsuits and vicious, false accusations to get Mr. Worthing sent to jail because Worthing had the temerity to expose him for the criminal he is.

Then, a dull witted, aged "judge" that has no clue what all these Internets stuff is all about, stepped on Mr. Worthing's rights to free speech with an illogically constituted injunction. When the stay of Vaughey's order summarily quashing Worthing's right to write blog posts about his ordeal was lifted, that gave back toWorthing his Constitutional right to talk about his situation...

Please Contact Advertisers That Dumped Limbaugh, Tell Them How YOU Feel

-By Warner Todd Huston So far, 22 companies have pulled their advertising from the Rush Limbaugh radio show. They have done this, some because they are big dollar Obama supporters (like Carbonite), many more because they were pressured by a concerted campaign to intimidate them launched by various left-wing groups. Those of you that support... Read more »

VIDEO: My CPAC Interview with EU Member Daniel Hannan, Freedom Lover

-By Warner Todd Huston Member of European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, visited the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year and I had the opportunity for a few minutes with him. Hannan is an eloquent and passionate advocate of freedom and liberty and urges we Americans not to throw it all away. Hannan is a humble... Read more »