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Lou Dobbs Talks Immigration W Sen. Rubio (& Ratings Success)

-By Warner Todd Huston Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Show recently had an interesting interview with Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on the newest immigration proposal that Republicans are trying to push in Congress. Watch the latest video at Dobbs has continued his surge in the ratings in a head-to-head... Read more »

Fox Business Network's Dobbs Wins Demo For 11 of Last 12 Weeks

-By Warner Todd Huston Lou Dobbs has been enjoying an awful lot of success these days over at Fox Business Network. I’ve reported about the solid performance that Lou Dobbs Tonight has earned and this week we get yet another great ratings success for the program. Dobbs 7PM program has scored multiple ratings wins over... Read more »

Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Surges in October Ratings

-By Warner Todd Huston Lou Dobbs sure had a great October. The Fox Business Network financial guru beat CNNBC’s Kudlow Report in both total viewers and that coveted advertising demo of viewers ages 25-54 according to Nielsen Media Research. This is the first time any Fox Business Network program has won both key demos since... Read more »

NYSE CEO Duncan Tells Fox Business Net. Trading is Back On Track After Sandy

-By Warner Todd Huston “I don’t freak out about anything,” New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) CEO Duncan Niederauer told Fox Business Network on Wednesday. Rest assured, he consoled viewers, the trading floor is up and running. Investors were a bit jittery about how Hurricane Sandy might have affected Wall Street trading, but Niederauer was quick... Read more »

Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Tonight Defeats CNBC's The Kudlow Report for the Third Quarter

-By Warner Todd Huston We’ve noted here several times that Fox Business Network has been doing incredibly well in the ratings of late. Well, that surge seems to be ongoing. Fox Business has released a new press release announcing another success in the ratings. NEW YORK, Oct 01, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — FOX Business Network’s... Read more »

Fox Business Network: Melissa Francis Taking On the Oil Crisis (And CNBC playing Catch-up)

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox Business Network’s Melissa Francis has been taking on the oil industry for about a month, now, discussing prices, stocks, and supply and how all this is affecting our economy. This week Francis is reporting from the hub of America’s oil economy, Houston, Texas, broadcasting from the George Brown Convention Center.... Read more »

Head-To-Head: FBN's Dobbs Beats CNBC's Kudlow

-By Warner Todd Huston At the end of June I noted the ratings success that Fox Business Network had over CNBC and that only Larry Kudlow was still beating FBN in the ratings. Now, for the first time, Kudlow lost the ratings battle, at least for one month. For the month of July, Lous Dobbs... Read more »

Fox Business Network Flies the Skies Covering the Midwest Drought

-By Warner Todd Huston The Midwest has been suffering a major drought this year, one that will surely cost us all in higher food prices over the coming years. Fox Business Network has been literally flying the friendly skies — in a helicopter — to cover it. FBN’s intrepid reporter of the skies, Jeff Flock,... Read more »

Fox Business Network Video: Henry Kissinger on the Unrest in Syria

-By Warner Todd Huston Things are still bad in Syria (and all across the Middle East, for that matter). Despite Obama’s claims of great Mid East foreign policy successes, there is still uncertainty and unrest there and Obama is failing to do anything about it all. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger appeared on Fox... Read more »

CNBC Ratings Crash, Fox Business Network Surge

-By Warner Todd Huston In this volatile market atmosphere, one might think that networks such as CNBC would be seeing all time high numbers as traders and other folks in the financial sector seek up-to-the-minute information. But as the second quarter comes to a close, CNBC is losing ground in the ratings and losing ground... Read more »