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Chicago Jews Threatened With Violence Over Gaza Campaign

-By Warner Todd Huston The “religion of peace” is at it again, this time posting warnings in Chicago that they intend to start attacking Jews in the Windy City. The Times of Israel reported on Monday that the threatening fliers were left on cars in Pulaski Park neighborhood on Chicago’s near northwest side. Chicago Police... Read more »

Obama Sues so Illinois Muslims Can Refuse Work Without Being Fired

-By Warner Todd Huston So, according to the Obama administration, if you are a Muslim in Illinois who signed a contract to work for a company, but you find that you just don’t want to do something your boss tells you to do, why, you just don’t have to do it. Oh, and if you... Read more »

KoolKing83 Attacks: A ChicagoNow Blogger War That I am a Year Late in Noticing

ChicagoNow Blogger ‘KoolKing83’ Needs to Look Up the Word ‘Facts’ Usually I don’t indulge “blog wars,” as if I did that would be all I’d be able to do! After all, I write a lot of stuff and get attacked by enemies of good sense nearly as often. But in a ChicagoNow post by KoolKing83... Read more »

High Cigarette Taxes Brings Crime to Chicago, California, New York

-By Warner Todd Huston Indiana’s cigarette tax is relatively low. Chicago has been complaining for some time that people will go to the Hoosier State, buy a few cartons, then come back to Chicago and sell them at prices undercutting Illinois rates, but still make money. Kentucky, though its tax isn’t too high, also finds... Read more »

Chgo Reporter Attacked by Chgo Teachers Union Thugs at Rally

-By Warner Todd Huston Jeremy Segal was filming the protesting Chicago Teachers downtown on Monday trying to get a few questions in with Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and agitator Rev. Jesse Jackson when operatives for the union began to push him, manhandle his video equipment and punch him in the chest. Segal was... Read more »

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Indictment Document

-By Warner Todd Huston It took some time but Jesse Jackson, Jr., once a high profile member of Congress from Chicago, has been indicted on absuse of campaign money. He used campaign cash to buy himself fur coats and historical memorabilia (such as Martin Luther King, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson collectibles). Now, can I... Read more »

The U.S. is NOT Experiencing a 'Gun Violence Crisis'

-By Warner Todd Huston Everywhere we turn we see liberals crying, weeping, and gnashing their teeth over the “gun violence crisis” we are experiencing in this country. But this claim is simply an outright lie. Crime in the U.S. has fallen by fifty percent in the last 20 years. Fifty percent! Yet we have gun-banners... Read more »

Were Rachel Maddow and Cameron Douglas Separated at Birth?

-By Warner Todd Huston You may have seen those many photo comparisons of people with the question “separated at birth?” captioning them? Well, for some Saturday fun, here is one to ponder… Here are a pair of photos, one of Cameron Douglas and the other of Rachel Maddow. Now you tell me… separated at birth?... Read more »

I Am A Tired American

Are you sick and tired of the anti-Americanism surrounding you? Watch this and know you aren’t alone.

Baltimore Sun, Pitying Man Who Passed AIDS to Teen

-By Warner Todd Huston The Baltimore Sun published a story this month revealing sympathy for a man being prosecuted for having passed the AIDS virus to a 13-year-old Maryland boy. Not sympathy for having done this horrid deed, of course, but sympathy for, in the Sun’s opinion, his being “over charged” by state prosecutors for... Read more »