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Photo: The Very First Computer in the U.S. House of Reps

This is an interesting post from Roll Call’s Friday Flashback: The First Computer in the House These days, in absence of computers it would be hard for Capitol Hill to conduct any business. But in the late 1960s, the new technology was a novelty in a world of typewriters and the ever-reliable pen and paper.... Read more »

Cyber-Theft from Our Nation's Banks a Growing Threat

-By Warner Todd Huston We are all suffering from the mistaken idea that our money is “safe” after we put it in a bank. The fact is your money is at risk every day as it sits in your bank or with your financial services provider. It isn’t necessarily because those institutions will waste it,... Read more »

Paul Ryan: Most Talked About Pol on Facebook

-By Warner Todd Huston CNN reported this week that Rep. Paul Ryan has become the king of Facebook by knocking President Obama off “the most talked about” list of US politicians. CNN recently entered into a partnership with Facebook to track things political on the social sharing network and according to the new “Facebook-CNN Election... Read more »

Big Obama Donor, Google's Marissa Mayer to Rake in Millions as New Yahoo! Chief

-By Warner Todd Huston Former Google Vice President Marissa Mayer is set to rake in a million dollars a year and more than ten times that in stock options if she can stick it out for three years as the new Yahoo! chief executive. As the announcement of Mayer’s ascension to the position broke, industry... Read more »

Apple Quietly Drops Claims that Macs Don't Get Viruses

-By Warner Todd Huston As a Mac user since the early 90s, I’ve always laughed at Windows users so constantly beset by viruses that destroy their computers. My computer, I would tell them, is safe from that nonsense. That Macs don’t get viruses has been such a common assumption that even Apple said so on... Read more »

Google, Big Obama Donors, Bans Firearm Accessory Sales in Ads

-By Warner Todd Huston Second Amendment, Schmecond Amendment. Google wants you to know that it is thinking of your “safety” as it announces that it has banned anything to do with firearms on its Google Shopping service. That’s what they’ve told HamLund Tactical, a Texas-based company that deals in ammunition and firearms accessories, anyway. Further,... Read more »

Chirpify: A New Twitter Political Fundraising Tool Debuts Today

-By Warner Todd Huston A new Twitter-based fundraising tool debuts today and the new service already has the two biggest names in the Politics biz signed up as clients: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Chirpify begins at the top of the heap client-wise as it not only has teams Obama and Romney signed up as... Read more »

Will Media Apologize for Airing Anti-Apple Computer Activist's False Claims?

-By Warner Todd Huston When it broke, the Old Media was all over Mike Daisey’s story of the horrid working conditions at Apple Computer’s foreign manufacturing plants. The story had oppressed workers, pathos, and best of all, eeevil corporate greed. Daisey was well on the road to making Apple the liberal’s newest bete noire and... Read more »

Americans with Disabilities Act Necessity: Conservative, White, Male Bloggers NEED a Federal Subsidy

-By Warner Todd Huston OK, you people, I am sick and tied of this. The Americans with Disabilities Act is NOT being fairly applied. That’s right. You read that headline correctly. Conservative, white, male bloggers NEED a hand from Washington. In fact, I’d say we have a right to it. We are being discriminated against... Read more »

Stupid Internet Meme of the Week: Santorum's 'Rough' Handshake With Ron Paul Outrage

-By Warner Todd Huston Buzzfeed was the first to indulge it’s inner gossip — well, maybe its outer gossip since that is all that site is; gossip. Anyway, the stupid story of the day is based on the hearty handshake that Rick Santorum gave Ron Paul after Wednesday’s debates. Paul’s fans took offense at the... Read more »