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ABC News Chief: Our Colorado Coverage Was Great… Except for That Brian Ross Business

-By Warner Todd Huston ABC News President Ben Sherwood held a conference call of staffers on July 24 and told them that he felt his network’s coverage of the shooting at a Colorado theater was topnotch work, well, except for that whole smearing of the Tea Party indulged by ABC News chief investigative reporter Brian... Read more »

Brian Ross of ABC 'News' Politicizes Colorado Shooting, Illicitly Blames Tea Party

-By Warner Todd Huston The awful crime in Colorado was only hours old when Brian Ross, a so-called “journalist” from ABC News, immediately began to politicize the shooting attempting to blame the crime on the Tea Party, conservatives, Republicans, and anyone from the right side of the political aisle with whom he disagrees quite despite... Read more »

Colorado County Officials: ABC Took Colorado Fires/Terrorism Comments Out of Context

-By Warner Todd Huston On June 28, Undersheriff Paula Presley of El Paso County, Colorado was interviewed by ABC News’ Alex Perez. After that interview aired, government officials say ABC News took comments out of context and falsely made it seem as if the Undersheriff was saying the massive Colorado forest fires were a result... Read more »

Denver Protest Shows Incoherence of 'Occupy'

-By Warner Todd Huston Over this past weekend several hundred conservative bloggers, writers, political operatives, and Tea Patiers got together in Denver, Colorado to attend a conference aimed toward helping these activists be more effective n their efforts. But conservative activism wasn’t the only theme on the schedule when the event was crashed by denizens... Read more »

Colorado School Places Saudi Arabian Flag Above U.S. Flag

-By Warner Todd Huston An elementary school in Fort Collins, Colorado came under fire last week for having placed in the school a smaller sized Saudi Arabian flag in a higher, more prominent position that the flag of the United States. Many locals called this a disrespectful display and even wondered if it was part... Read more »