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The Loser In Chief

-By Warner Todd Huston Over at The Corner, Robert Costa has a great little postette — I say postette because it is just a shorty. It is a quote from George Will from his appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. I kind of wish that Costa had fleshed out the Will quote, though, as... Read more »

EPA to Give Itself Powers to Preemptively Deny Natural Resource Development?

-By Warner Todd Huston Once again an Obama regulatory agency tries to give itself wild new powers, powers that would crush American energy and natural resource development, powers meant to quash the business sector. A press release from Resourceful Earth News imparts a warning about the Environmental Protection Agency’s newest powergrab. A lfet-wing Democrat Senator... Read more »

Electric Cars Not In The Least 'Green'

-By Warner Todd Huston Margaret Wente of Canada’s Globe And Mail has found out “the shocking truth about electric cars” finding that the whole idea of electric cars being “the future” is a laughable claim. The facts she relays are the sort of truths that should doom electric cars as the harbingers of greenism. After... Read more »

No Spark: The Unanswered Questions of the Chevy Volt

-By Warner Todd Huston Every time we turn around these days President Obama is touting the idea that the “future” of America lies in green energy and one of those greenie ideas is an Obama favorite: electric cars. Not to let him down, Government Motors has obliged by pushing the Chevy Volt as the car... Read more »

Lefties So Far Behind They Are Praying for Space Alien Intervention

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently, it’s “ET phone home” for the lefties these days. We now have two instances of leftists wishing for alien intervention, and, no, I am not talking about folks from another country but things from another galaxy! First there is pseudo-economics expert Paul Krugman. Last week on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN program,... Read more »

Another Favored Obama Green Business Goes Bankrupt

-By Warner Todd Huston It seems that the surest way to go bankrupt is to have President Barack Obama use your business as some sort of example of the wonders of his administration and we have yet one more example of that in Evergreen Solar, Inc., the heavily taxpayer funded business that has now closed... Read more »

Nope, Over Last 15 Years The Earth Isn't Warming

-By Warner Todd Huston In the 1970s every climate “scientist” was telling us the next ice age is soon to be upon us. It is a good guess to make. After all, the cycles of ice ages we’ve seen in the past would say that we are due for one. But, then came the AlGoreisascine... Read more »