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Obama 'Outsourcing' Fundraising… to China!

-By Warner Todd Huston While Obama tries to get America focused on the false claim that Romney outsourced jobs as the chief of Bain Capitol, what was the President doing? Why, outsourcing his fundraising, of course. Outsourcing it to Shanghai, China to be precise. On July 11, Obama’s big money men were holding a nice... Read more »

Will Media Apologize for Airing Anti-Apple Computer Activist's False Claims?

-By Warner Todd Huston When it broke, the Old Media was all over Mike Daisey’s story of the horrid working conditions at Apple Computer’s foreign manufacturing plants. The story had oppressed workers, pathos, and best of all, eeevil corporate greed. Daisey was well on the road to making Apple the liberal’s newest bete noire and... Read more »

Rep. Manzullo Issues Statement on WTO Trade Complaint Regarding Rare Earth Minerals‏

From Rep. Don Manzullo (R., 16th District)… [ROCKFORD] – Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL) issued the following statement in response to the U.S. action, along with the European Union and Japan, to request consultations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding China’s rare earth export restraint. Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia &... Read more »

Biden Gaffe: Condones Atrocities Against Women, Lake Co. Group Supports House Bill HR 2121 in Response

From Lake County Right to Life… (Grayslake, IL – August 24, 2011) Speaking before an audience in Chengdu, China on Sunday, August 21, Joe Biden said he “fully understands” China’s One-child Policy and would “not second guess” it. Biden’s comments produced an immediate firestorm of criticism from other elected officials, women’s rights advocates, and pro-life... Read more »

Joe Biden OK With Murdering Chinese Babies

-By Warner Todd Huston We are faced with a difficult dilemma concerning Vice President Joe Biden’s outrageous comments about China’s one-child policy delivered in China this week. On one hand we must either believe Joe Biden is a compete idiot, or on the other understand that he is OK with the fact that Chinese officials... Read more »