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Maryland State Dems Claim Fundraising on 9/11 Is 'Patriotic'

-By Warner Todd Huston Here on the 11th Anniversary of the attacks that took some 3,000 American lives on September 11th, 2001, a pair of Maryland State Democrats are throwing fundraisers. If that isn’t bad enough, one of them even said it is “patriotic” to hold a fundraiser on the anniversary of the day we... Read more »

Buzzfeed Furthers Myth of Obama's Small Donor Dominance

-By Warner Todd Huston Ben Smith of Buzzfeed recently wrote about campaign donations — both Romney’s and Obama’s — for this presidential election. In an otherwise fairly informative piece, Smith feeds into one of the myths about the 2008 election, the claim that Obama’s small donor base was bigger by far than that of any... Read more »

Transparency? Obama's Secretive Soros-Funded Money Machine

-By Warner Todd Huston Ever since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, left-wingers and Democrats have been braying for center right and conservative organizations, PACS, and super PACS to reveal their donors, the libs claiming that such “transparency” is good for American politics. But as far as these people are concerned, “disclosure” is only to... Read more »

Obama 'Outsourcing' Fundraising… to China!

-By Warner Todd Huston While Obama tries to get America focused on the false claim that Romney outsourced jobs as the chief of Bain Capitol, what was the President doing? Why, outsourcing his fundraising, of course. Outsourcing it to Shanghai, China to be precise. On July 11, Obama’s big money men were holding a nice... Read more »

Chirpify: A New Twitter Political Fundraising Tool Debuts Today

-By Warner Todd Huston A new Twitter-based fundraising tool debuts today and the new service already has the two biggest names in the Politics biz signed up as clients: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Chirpify begins at the top of the heap client-wise as it not only has teams Obama and Romney signed up as... Read more »

Obama's Soft Core Porn Video Making Campaign Cash Bundler

-By Warner Todd Huston The Washington Free Beacon has an amusing tale of strippers, videos, and Obama campaign donation bundlers that is already getting lefties crying foul. Apparently the Beacon discovered that one of Obama’s big campaign donation bundlers, one Stacii Jae Johnson, produced and starred in a stripper video in 2004 titled, “I Want... Read more »

Transparency? Secret, Soros, Left-Wing, 1% Summit Meeting Held Behind Closed Doors

-By Warner Todd Huston A luxury resort in Miami, Florida with police-guarded closed doors was the home of a secret George Soros-backed summit attended by deep-pocketed left-wing donors over the weekend of May 12. They met to plan their strategy for the 2012 elections and beyond. Yes, it was all hush hush and secret-like —... Read more »

Who is Terry Cosgrove Besides Being Dee Beaubien’s Biggest Backer?

From Don’t Elect Dee… Dee Liberal’s biggest backer is proud of his work electing Pat Quinn over Bill Brady. Every time you pay your higher taxes remember Terry Cosgrove. He could care less about taxes, the economy, or jobs. All he cares about is making it easy for mothers to kill their babies. His second... Read more »

Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?

-By Warner Todd Huston For some unknown reason, the state Democrat Party of Georgia’s Political Director, one Ali Rashad Richey, is a man with a long arrest record and no one seems the last bit worried about it in the Peach State — neither politicians nor the media. This man’s arrests are for such offenses... Read more »

Walsh: Liberal Super PACs Can't Buy this Election‏

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)… You and I know this election cannot be bought by liberal elites with an extreme agenda. But that is exactly what Tammy Duckworth’s allies at CREDO Super PAC are attempting to do. Last week CREDO Super PAC dropped directly into the 8th District... Read more »