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Cyber Theft: Think Your Bank is Secure? Think Again!

-By Warner Todd Huston We all, individuals and businesses alike, have this basic assumption that when we put our money in a bank it is safe. But is it? Apparently not so much as the experience of small business TRC indicates when hackers reached into the company’s California-based bank account and drained it of nearly... Read more »

High Cigarette Taxes Brings Crime to Chicago, California, New York

-By Warner Todd Huston Indiana’s cigarette tax is relatively low. Chicago has been complaining for some time that people will go to the Hoosier State, buy a few cartons, then come back to Chicago and sell them at prices undercutting Illinois rates, but still make money. Kentucky, though its tax isn’t too high, also finds... Read more »

Calif. Dem Chair Says Romney/Ryan Like Nazi Joseph Goebbels

-By Warner Todd Huston California Democrat Party Chairman John Burton is setting the Democrat National Convention off on the sort of demagogic footing that has characterized the Democrat’s campaign this year by accusing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan of being like Nazis, specifically Nazi official Joseph Goebbels. At a California delegation breakfast today, Chairman Burton... Read more »

What's Going Wrong at the Pacific Research Institute?

-By Warner Todd Huston Early in July extreme left-wing Mother Jones magazine published a piece claiming that Sally Pipes, the head of the Pacific Research Institute, was not doing a very effective job of leading the San Francisco-based conservative, free-market think tank. Unfortunately, whether the magazine is left-wing or not and whether these questions make... Read more »

Calif. AG Pushes to Award Law License to Illegal Immigrant

-By Warner Todd Huston California’s Attorney General, Democrat Kamala Harris, has weighed in on the side of an immigrant who is asking the State Supreme Court to award him a California law license after his graduation from law school despite that he’s neither a legal resident nor a naturalized citizen of the United States of... Read more »

American Action Network Launches Anti-Obamacare Ads in California and New York

-By Warner Todd Huston American Action Network has launched a new series of advocacy ads in the states of California and New York to urge voters to hold their elected officials to account for the regrettable error that is Obamacare. The ads urge voters to support the repeal of the budget-busting Obamacare act. The ads... Read more »

Obama's 'Bullying Czar,' A Hater Extraordinaire

-By Warner Todd Huston The man’s name is Dan Savage and he’s supposed to be leading President Obama’s anti-bullying, pro-tolerance effort. Yet, at an April High School rally in California from the podium, Savage, a homosexual, started calling Christians “pansies” and “morons,” and said the Bible was “bullshit.” Savage also said the Bible pushes a... Read more »

Dangers of the Ballot Initiative

-By Warner Todd Huston At first blush, the idea of having ballot initiatives on election day seems like such a great, democratic idea. Unfortunately, all too often, all they are is a way to enlarge government, chip away at freedom, and cost the taxpayers money without returning the benefits promised. California is the perfect example... Read more »

Illinois Ranks Among Worst Five States for Business

-By Warner Todd Huston California beat Illinois, but not by a whole lot in the worst of the worst category. has posted its list of best/worst states to do business in and Illinois ranks 48 of our fifty. Only New York and then California are worse. “California’s enduring place of perpetual decline continues in... Read more »

Media Misleads on California Prop 29

-By Warner Todd Huston Californians are being asked once again to fund a government boondoggle with a ballot initiative which will levy more taxes on an already over taxed state. This time it is Proposition 29, intended to fund the California Cancer Research Act, a measure that appeals nicely to emotions but will likely be... Read more »