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AFP: Help Advance Conservative Change‏

From Americans for Prosperity – Illinois… Are you frustrated with the direction our country is going in? Are you ready for real conservative change that will get our economy moving again? Join Americans for Prosperity, United to Restore Freedom, and the Joliet Tea Party for a special “Candidate and Campaign Management” workshop on Saturday, September... Read more »

AFP: Another Union Power Grab‏

From Americans for Prosperity… Obama’s union boss buddies poured hundreds of millions into getting him and his Democratic allies elected in 2008, but they were unable to pass their signature legislation stripping workers of private ballot rights. And in last year’s midterm election, they were wiped out. But Obama’s union buddies at the National Labor... Read more »

AFP: Join Us for a Special GOTV Training Program August 27th

From Americans for Prosperity… Americans for Prosperity, United to Restore Freedom and the Great Awakening invite you to a special “Get Out the Vote” training seminar conducted by the prestigious Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute stands alone as the only conservative organization with the mission to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists and... Read more »

AFP: Join GOTV At-Home Phone Banks NOW!‏

From Americans for Prosperity — Illinois… As you may have heard, Wisconsin will be holding a series of recall elections in the coming weeks, and as we know, voter turnout is typically low during recall elections. The Wisconsin chapter of AFP launched a large scale nonpartisan Get-Out-The-Vote program that utilizes one of the most efficient... Read more »