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Dee Beaubien and the Abortion Agenda

Originally posted at Don’t Elect Dee… One of the most heinous procedures an abortionist does is called a “partial-birth abortion.” The late pro-choice Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-New York) called it “akin to infanticide.” Pro-Choice Illinois Governor Jim Edgar even opposed this baby killing practice. But Dee Liberal’s political benefactors at Personal PAC opposed... Read more »

Mike Madigan and Dee Beaubien BFF’s?

(Originally posted at Don’t Elect Dee. Democrat kingpin Mike Madigan is one happy man knowing that Personal PAC and Equality Illinois, the biggest pro-abortion and peo-homosexual/transsexual rights groups in the state, are trying to qualify Dee Liberal for the ballot in the 52nd. With David McSweeney a lifelong Reagan Republican, Madigan has no hope of... Read more »

Mom With Developmentally Disabled Baby Scolded for Not Aborting Him

-By Warner Todd Huston Christian’s mom and dad were devastated when doctors told them that their baby was bound to have severe disabilities upon birth. True to the prediction he did, but mom and dad loved their baby boy regardless. But that love didn’t stop a woman from calling Christian’s mom a “horrible person” for... Read more »

Dold to Defend Planned Parenthood, Illicit Sex Programs and Abortion

Illinois Review Planned Parenthood is up to another round of embarrassing, taxpayer-funded high jinks … And the same day comes word that Illinois Congressman Bob Dold (IL-10) is planning a press conference Wednesday to do what? Defend and stand with Planned Parenthood. Really? … Read the rest at Illinois Review.

Abortion-Supporting Obama Makes Pregnant WH Visitors Register Unborn Baby as Separate Visitor

-By Warner Todd Huston It is interesting that the Obama White House, a place where everyone thinks a pre-born baby is just a lump of “unviable cells” and not really a person, is now insisting that pregnant mothers must register themselves and their unborn baby on the visitor log when they visit the White House.... Read more »

Aborting Born Babies: Are Only Liberals Truly 'Human'?

-By Warner Todd Huston In February of 2012, a pair of left-wing “philosophers” wrote a paper that claimed that babies aren’t human until they can become cognizant of themselves, aware that if they were to be “aborted” or killed they’d be losing something valuable, their lives. This, they claimed, justified abortion as well as post... Read more »

Abortion is the Only Issue for Dee Beaubien's 'Independent' Run for State House

-By Warner Todd Huston The race for the 52nd District State House seat just got another entrant. The wife of deceased State Rep. Mark Beaubien has officially announced her bid as an “independent” for the seat her husband held and apparently she is a one-issue candidate. Her only issue is her support for infanticide at... Read more »

It's Almost Time for Our Annual Gala Celebrating Life! Make Reservations NOW!

From Lake County Right to Life… Lake County Right to Life’s Annual Benefit Banquet is almost here! It will be held on Thursday, April 19, 2012 from 6:30PM to 9:00PM in the Prairie Ballroom at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton on 510 E. IL. Rte. 83 in Mundelein. Our featured speaker will be Kristan... Read more »

Beaubien Positioning Herself as Establishment Shill

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week Dee Beaubien, widow of past 52nd District Representative Mark Beaubien, was floating trial balloons among establishment Republicans, about running as a quasi-independent against rightful GOP nominee Dave McSweeney in November. But it looks like a new law recently passed will stop her cynical act in its tracks. Cal Skinner... Read more »

Dee Beaubien: Hey, Guys, Let's Screw With Illinois Republicans!