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Family Research Council Shooting: Suddenly Media Not Ready to Blame Politics for a Mad Gunman's Crimes

-By Warner Todd Huston Curiously enough, the August 15 shooting of a security guard at the Washington HQ of the Family Research Council perpetrated by an unhinged gay rights activist didn’t spark the same hyperbolic claims from the Old Media establishment that politics is at the root of this violence, a claim that permeated reportage... Read more »

Advocates Want Contraceptives Services Pushed Even if Real Healthcare is Cut

-By Warner Todd Huston The 2012 London Summit on Family Planning, to be held on July 11, is intended to “mobilize global policy” to assure that 120 million women and girls are afforded family planning, contraceptives and other information. Sponsors of the event want more money put to these services for poor women around the... Read more »

Dee Beaubien - Auditioning for Madigan’s Caucus

-By Jon Zahm In the event that lightning strikes and by some miracle she wins…Dee Liberal won’t even answer the question of whether she will vote for the Democrat Speaker Mike Madigan- the 42 year political lifer from Chicago, or Republican Tom Cross, when the House reorganizes after the November election. Reports from the field... Read more »

Representative Robert Dold’s Morally Incoherent PRENDA Vote

From Lake County Right to Life…` -By Laurie Higgins Which conservative came up with the bright idea that all that matters in political life are fiscal and defense issues? Some “conservatives” have decided it doesn’treally matter if the government formally recognizes the union between two men as a marriage or if kindergartners in public schools... Read more »

Grassroots Democrats Want a Choice in the 52nd

From Don’t Elect Dee Beaubien… The scheme by Personal PAC and Dee Beaubien to win a seat in the people’s house of Illinois may be hitting a roadblock. Dee Liberal is a country club Republican. She may have Democrat views on many issues, but she is not a Democrat. She is a limousine liberal with... Read more »

Knowing the People

From Don’t Elect Dee Beaubien… Until you start knocking on doors and talking to folks in the collar counties you are only guessing what issues influence the voters. Personal PAC and Dee Liberal are hung up on featuring gay marriage and easy and free access to abortion. When I knock on doors in Kane County,... Read more »

Dee Beaubien and Kurtz Style of Politics Becoming Extinct

From Don’t Elect Dee Beaubien… Just as you have to go to a museum to see a dinosaur, to find a political dinosaur, like a pro-choice Republican, you will soon have to go to the history books because they are, rightfully, becoming extinct. Beth Coulson is out of politics, so is Rosemary Kurtz, Rosemary Mulligan... Read more »

Lake Co. Right to Life: About Dold's Abortion-Supporting Bill

From Lake County Right to Life… 10th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CONGRESSMAN DOLD On Wednesday, U.S. Congressman Robert Dold introduced HR 5650, the Protecting Women’s Access to Healthcare Act. In his introduction of this egregious bill, Congressman Dold said, “As a pro-choice Republican, I believe that this legislation is critical because it insures non-discrimination within the Federal... Read more »

Don't Elect Dee Beaubien: The Dangers of not Having Parental Consent Laws for Abortion

From Don’t Elect Dee Baubein… Illinois does not have a parental consent law in effect before a minor teen girl could have an abortion. This is due to radical groups like Personal PAC and the politicians, and wannabe politicians, like Dee Liberal that they support. While it is mandatory to get a parent’s permission before... Read more »

Who is Terry Cosgrove Besides Being Dee Beaubien’s Biggest Backer?

From Don’t Elect Dee… Dee Liberal’s biggest backer is proud of his work electing Pat Quinn over Bill Brady. Every time you pay your higher taxes remember Terry Cosgrove. He could care less about taxes, the economy, or jobs. All he cares about is making it easy for mothers to kill their babies. His second... Read more »