Would Chicago REALLY Vote for Commie Karen Lewis for Mayor!?

-By Warner Todd Huston

A new poll of likely Chicago voters seems to find that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in bad shape for his re-election coming up next year. The poll shows that two other candidates are far and away more popular than the incumbent mayor. One of those two is Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, a woman who is nearly an out and proud communist. But, if Chicagoans would vote for Lewis, they don’t deserve the vote at all.

This new Chicago Sun-Times poll shows Emanuel losing–and badly–to two other possible mayoral candidates in next year’s election. The biggest disparity is that between the mayor and Current Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. She really slams Emanuel beating him 55 percent to 31 percent in the poll.

Preckwinkle has made no moves at all to run against Emanuel and insists she won’t. Still, rumors abound that she will throw her hat in the ring, anyway.

To be honest, it really is no surprise that Emanuel is finding low favorables in polling this far out from the election. Mayor Emanuel has failed in many respects as Chicago’s mayor. He has done nothing at all to address the mounting pension crisis, spending is still skyrocketing, he’s solved none of the mess that previous mayor Richie Daley left him, and worse of all violence in the city has soared to never before seen rates of blood shed.

It might not be surprising if a ham sandwich was leading him.

Now, the second unannounced candidate that beats the mayor is Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis. The poll shows that Lewis beats Emanuel 45 percent to 36 percent.

When the paper called Lewis to let her know of the results she reportedly replied, “Well, first of all, I’m sitting here stunned.”

The fact is, we should all be stunned that anyone at all would vote for this hate-filled, near communist who is at the very least an outright race baiter.

For instance, in 2012 Lewis mindlessly threw the race card and claimed that teachers are now looked down upon because they serve “lower class students” and “students of color.” It isn’t because they fail to teach, that they demand higher and higher pensions and healthcare benefits even as no one in the private sector get anything close to what they get. No it is because everyone is racist against them.

Even as the city has been drowning in debt, in 2012 Lewis led a teachers strike because her demands of a 30 percent raise in salary and benefits weren’t being met. 30 percent! Who in the private sector ever gets a 30 percent raise?

By 2013 Lewis was going around telling people that Chicago “belongs” to black people and that whites and Hispanics should have no say in what goes on there.

At another speaking engagement in 2014, Lewis said that math should not be taught as a straight subject. Instead math should be coupled with left-wing “social justice” propaganda to get kids’ minds right.

And Lewis’ socialist/communist styled ideas are fully embraced by her vassals in the union, too. In 2013 Chicago teacher Tim Meegan gave a speech rife with communist buzz words and insisted that a violent revolution ala the revolution that ushered communism into Russia in the last century was coming unless people adopted his left-wing ideas.

In 2012 the CTU was also a sponsor of a socialist program called the “Social Justice Curriculum Fair.”

Despite all this wholly un-American stuff, Chicagoans would vote for Karen Lewis? Seriously? If this is what Chicago would vote for, it seems clear they don’t deserve to vote.


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    Social Justice, un American? Un American? What part of the 1950's are you coming from?
    Progressive is NOT a dirty word.
    Liberal is NOT a dirty word.
    Diversity is NOT a dirty word.
    Conservative is NOT a dirty word.
    Reactionary is NOT a dirty word. . (Well, maybe. But surely we can discuss it.)

    Smear IS a dirty word.
    Dogmatism IS a dirty word.
    I'm sure that the shade of Ayn Rand is proud of you.

  • In reply to Gershon Mayer:

    I agree that "liberal" is not a dirty word. The Founders were liberals. But communist and socialist IS a dirty word. They are NO different than Nazis. They are murderers. And THAT is what Lewis and her ilk are.

    As to Ayn Rand, I wouldn't know. Never followed her or read her stuff.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I've read Ayn Rand, herself from Russia. Start with Anthem. Objectivism is a horribly selfish belief system, and she comes to the conclusion that independent-minded people should unify--creating a bond the same as the socialism she decries.

    Communism became a dirty word as it became controlled by despots. Socialism is a dirty word until you want to go traveling around the world to some of the better-run European countries that you find luxurious. There is nothing wrong with workers running the world. What's wrong is when they aren't.

    The United States could profit from some true political debate, some differentiation between the parties, and not the moderate-to-right-to-silence garbage that fills mainstream newspapers and students' textbooks. You'd find more people participating. You seem to claim the mantle of democracy in one corner of your mouth, but want to shut it down with the other. I did not read you saying the Klan was a dirty word. I bet you'd defend their right to exist, and THEY SAY they will take back the U.S. by destroying it.

    As for Karen Lewis, I do not know what her political party is. I do know that she fights harder for working people and children than you or I. You do not do your argument credit when you say that people who fight for better wages (like you don't want yours!) or for better conditions for children, the "social justice crowd," are murderers. Try to call out those people who shut mental clinics down, who offer low-wage jobs and cut off food stamps, who create food deserts and educational inequity with an advertisement, who cut jobs and opportunity. They're the murderers FOR REAL.

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    In reply to publiusforum:

    How exactly is Lewis a communist? Last I heard, communism was defined as state ownership of the means of production. She has never come close to even mentioning that let alone advocating for it. In any way on any subject. At this point in the world Communism is breathing it's last breaths, and the only thing keeping it alive are the actions of oligarchs that are creating the same conditions that lead to it's rise originally. Without the oligarchs to point to as the enemy, communism is toast.

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    Really? Give me a break.

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    That's the problem with painting with too broad a brush. There's a whole spectrum of socialist thought which can't be equated with totalitarian communism. Tell the socialist movements in Sweden, Denmark, France and Spain that they're the same as Nazis. You probably should read their stuff and Ayn Rand too. It's always fun to have a little crazy in the mix.

  • In reply to Gershon Mayer:

    Total BS. ALL communism and socialism is totalitarian. It is inherent and inextricable. If you are a socialist, your ideology MUST end at mass murder. In fact, mass murder is the ONLY way communism/socialism.Nazism can work. If you are a socialist or a communist, you should be shunned. Further, I am amused by your idiocy by claiming that Ayn Rand is "crazy" but murderous communism is perfectly sane.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I guarantee that you can't actually define the terms " communism" or "socialism". I also can't held but notice that you haven't backed up any of your assertions about things Lewis has allegedly said.


  • In reply to EmmaMad:

    Anyone can give you the textbook definitions of socialism and communism (and Nazism, for that matter). But human EXPERIENCE has fully proven that there is NO difference between these systems. And if you weren't such a moron, you'd have noticed that I gave plenty of examples of what Lewis has said in the past. I would say you need to learn to read, but if you are a typical example of what is disgorged from the Chicago schools, I'll have to assume you are unable.

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    Who wrote this? Does the author pay any attention to what's happening in the schools of Chicago? If so, how can he deny that there is a racial problem with closing schools on the south and west sides. As far as Ms. Lewis goes, if you're insinuating that the unions that made our country great, strengthened the middle class and did away with child labor laws would somehow go on a murdering spree, you're more insane than Ayn Rand.

    You must be on Rahm's payroll.

    ANYONE but Rahm for Mayor.

  • In reply to JuanWaynes:

    For Rahm? You are an idiot. I would never be for ANY un-American Democrat.

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    Trying to walk in Rush-job Limburgers footsteps with your unreality based rants? Keep at it, we can always use a laugh. It's obvious that you have no clue about the commies since if you did, you'd have come up with far better ways to slam them and would have focused on the same faults that so many others have pointed out over the years. Why set people up as commie straw men when the truth about commies is such a target rich environment? BTW, Lewis is no commie, that's obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. I welcome your predictable rant in response, just wait till I have the popcorn ready.

  • In reply to Kramden:

    You bore me.

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