Thanks Democrats, Illinois Fails Again: Worst in Midwest for Private Sector Job Creation

-By Warner Todd Huston

I have been chronicling all the major failures of the once great state of Illinois and this week we have yet another one. A new tabulation of private sector job creation finds that Illinois created a dismal 500 non-government jobs in 2013 making it the single worst state in the Midwest and almost the worst in the country (again).

The Illinois Policy Institute put out its jobs report card recently and found Illinois to be one of the worst of the worst. It was the worst of the Midwestern region and the second worst in the whole country.

The Ill. Policy Inst. had a disheartening statistic to illustrate this dismal job creation rate.

“For context,” the policy group wrote, “that’s one job for every 300 high school seniors in Illinois, another terrible stretch of job creation for a state that already ranks last in the Midwest for job recovery from the Great Recession.”

The next worst in the Midwest was South Dakota with 1,500 jobs created.

This doesn’t mean that Illinois is up 500 jobs, either. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says Illinois lost 26,300 jobs since January.

Here is the latest list of stories showing that Illinois is the worst of the worst in the country, all thanks to the Democrats, House Speaker Michael Madigan, and Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn:

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