Obama Wasting Billions Paying Off Buddies and Unions With Immigration Spending

-By Warner Todd Huston

As Obama starts shipping tens of thousands of these illegal alien minors all across the nation to be housed in cities everywhere, your tax dollars follow them and some of this money is going to Obama’s pals in liberal organizations and unions to care for these children all paid for by you and me.

Obama is pumping billions of dollars into the feeding and care of hundreds of thousands of illegals who have swamped our southern border expecting–and getting–all sorts of freebies not to mention expecting to become instant citizens. But it isn’t just the billions he is spending at the border going on in this mounting crisis. Obama is also billions on these illegals in other parts of the country.

In Illinois, for instance, several left-wing groups, including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)–all huge supporters of Obama–are getting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to care for illegals shipped from Texas to the Windy City.

As Illinois Review reports “Heartland Alliance (an ACORN-esque organization) is currently under contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for nearly $13 million to fund shelter services at Heartland’s nine facilities, which house about 429 of Central American minors that crossed the southwest border without legal guardians.”

The group gets additional funding from the State of Illinois. The Comptroller’s office shows over $500,000 going to the group in the past five fiscal years.

Heartland Alliance also receives funding from corporate sponsorships, including from Harris Bank and Boeing.

In their 2012 financial report, Heartland Alliance says it raised and spent $86,793,110.

This Heartland Alliance is also teamed up with the Chicago Teachers Union, three SEIU locals and the Chicago Federation of Labor.

You can rest assured this isn’t happening only in Chicago. This is going on in every major city in the country.

So, even as Obama is wasting billions at the border he is handing billions more to his buddies in left-wing organizations and unions, billions more of your tax dollars going to waste on illegals and to fill the pockets of Obama’s buddies.


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    There's lots of vague ranting here with few citations. One link to a right-wing publication and the rest, who knows where it came from? For example, "This Heartland Alliance is also teamed up with the Chicago Teachers Union, three SEIU locals and the Chicago Federation of Labor." To do what? To house and clothe these children? To overthrow the government? Or are there merely some of the same people involved in these organizations which clearly makes it a criminal conspiracy to take people's guns away?

    So anyway, why can't we find any right-wing groups that have experience providing shelter services and medical care to get the grants? Oh right, there aren't any because social and economic conservatives don't believe in providing these kinds of services to anyone, let alone undocumented immigrant children. Social conservatives would either lock these up children indefinitely (profits for Corrections Corporation of America!), or bus these mostly Central American children back over the border to their native Mexico (haha). So no, they're not going to get any grants.

    CCA gave 86% of their lobbying funds to Republicans last year, so I guess you can find a conspiracy there too. Heartland may have a PAC, but our corporate jails are influencing policy via a PAC too.

    Your borrowed use of "ACORN-esque" (yes, borrowed, since several right-wing screed sites used the exact same language) is some red meat for those who are convinced ACORN acted improperly (because say anything often enough and people will believe you). Your favorite bogeyman never broke any laws in registering people to vote, or in providing other services. It looks like Heartland has a similar mission to what ACORN had, heck I bet some of the same people are involved. So why did they get tasked to help with the refugee children? Because they were providing housing and healthcare long before the waves of unrest in Central America caused these latest batches of people to flee for someplace safer. No mystery there.

  • In reply to Scott Stelzer:

    "Borrowed"? Another left-winger that can't read. I QUOTED someone. I didn't "borrow anything.

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