Mike Ditka Falls Asleep on the Air on ESPN

Uh,oh. It looks like Mike Ditka was so bored with ESPN’s December 29 broadcast of Countdown that he fell asleep. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal for most TV viewers. But it was for Ditka because he was there on the air when he did it!

Mike Ditka, the now 74-year-old former football coach turned ESPN sportscaster, must be about ready to stay home and enjoy his golden years. Right on the air during an ESPN panel appearance, Ditka fell asleep and had to be roused by another member of the panel.

ESPN had gone live to Josina Anderson, who was reporting live from outside the Dolphins locker room, and after her report the cameras to the studio were snapped back on.

Apparently “Da Coach” wasn’t ready.

That is when fellow panel member Keyshawn Johnson noticed that “Da Coach” was taking a little naparino, right there, live on the air.

Johnson casually reached over and jiggled Ditka’s elbow causing the elder sportsman to snap awake.

This isn’t the first time that someone fell asleep on the air. You may recall back in September when Tucker Carlson fell asleep in his seat on the air at Fox News.

I know I am in the minority, but I agree with Ditka. Sports makes me fall asleep.but it sure was funny to see Da Coach dozing off like that.

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  • Who can blame Ditka?

    Nothing more boring than a bunch of over-the-hill athletes or pundits telling you what you watched or telling you about what you are going to watch, and offering their "insight".

    Who can blame Carlson, either? How many times can you sit through a boring political speech or giddy celebrity interview.

    My own blogs put me to sleep.

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