State Senator Jim Oberweis Announces Bid to Defeat Dick Durbin for US Senate

-By Warner Todd Huston

Jim Oberweis had been saying that he didn’t want to run for the U.S. Senate again, especially against left-winger Dick Durbin. But a recent poll changed his mind and now he’s announcing a run.

Oberweis announced his run today and said he based his decision on a poll commissioned by Ron Gidwitz.

Illinois Review reported on the poll in September. “In a head-to-head, the poll shows Durbin at 49.97% and Oberweis at 38.67%, with 11.36% undecided,” IR reported.

Oberweis, the current State Senator for the 25th District, told the media that he’s ready for a contest based on the surprising results of the poll.

“Though a number of groups had encouraged me to run for the U.S. Senate against Dick Durbin,” Oberweis said, “I had pretty much decided not to, believing it to be almost impossible to win. Then Ron Gidwitz contracted a poll. … The results stunned me. I expected to trail Durbin about 60 percent to 30 percent. Instead it was 49 percent to 38 percent with me leading among younger voters and independents. After carefully considering that and not wanting to give Mr. Durbin another easy pass, I am strongly leaning towards running against him.”

“This is a huge and expensive undertaking,” Oberweis admitted. “It is still a long shot but Mr. Durbin has been in Washington for 31 years and has lost his Illinois roots.”

Oberweis ran for the U.S. Senate twice before as well as Illinois governor once losing each time. He won office for the state legislature in 2012.


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  • Despite the disgust I hold for Durbin, Oberweis or your friend Walsh would be the surest way to assure Durbin's reelection.

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