KoolKing83 Attacks: A ChicagoNow Blogger War That I am a Year Late in Noticing

ChicagoNow Blogger ‘KoolKing83’ Needs to Look Up the Word ‘Facts’

Usually I don’t indulge “blog wars,” as if I did that would be all I’d be able to do! After all, I write a lot of stuff and get attacked by enemies of good sense nearly as often. But in a ChicagoNow post by KoolKing83 on his “Offhanded Dribble” blog (a bastardization of “drivel,” of course), I find it might be amusing to respond. So, here we go…

Firstly, I’ll note that one of the reasons I’m responding here is that the Koolster blocked my ability to reply on his own blog post by putting a ban on me. Which is amusing because I’ve only replied on his blog a very few times and long ago at that. Apparently he’s afraid of engagement.

But, whatever. Just so you wonderful readers know, I’ll ban him here, too. I see no reason to give him more consideration than he gives me. Know what I mean?

Secondly, the only reason I even saw this is because my blog stat service noted a few hits from ChicagoNow and I went to check it out and found the broadside against little ol’ me. I know the post I’m responding to is from way back in March of last year, but this is the very first I have become aware of it.

Anyway, Mr. King83 worked himself up into a fine lather attacking me as a racist over a comment I made on another blog about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident. Kingster calls me all sorts of names (it’s pretty boring, left-wing trope, really) but one thing I found most amusing was his continued screed after he wrote the line, “You want facts…here are some facts:

Why was the segment that followed that line amusing? Because there weren’t any “facts” in his “here are some facts” bloviating. All he did was regurgitate anti-white guy blather based on the overheated rhetoric of race baiters like Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton. It was all feelings, not “facts.”

Koolio goes on to make this about black/white races issues. Apparently the Koolmeister is blissfully unaware that George Zimmerman isn’t “a white guy.”

Kool-a-licious goes on to do the exact thing all his compatriots on the race-baiting committee have done since day one of this tragic incident; ignore the actual facts of the shooting.

Here is how his Koolness sums up the whole case:

Just as short dresses…or skirts, are not an invitation to rape, black skin and hoodies are not an invitation to shoot.

KoolKing83 is either ignorant or willfully complicit in trying to make this a cause for race riots by making this a “white guy kills innocent black kid and gets no punishment” narrative.

King is seething and is so desirous of sparking race riots that he refuses to tell the truth about what happened.

You want facts…here are some facts:

George Zimmerman did not mention Trayvon’s race until the 911 operator asked him to describe the unknown person he was watching. Race does not seem to have motivated Zimmerman in the least. The recent breakins and thefts in his neighborhood is what motivated him to become the watcher.

Zimmerman was a part of the neighborhood watch and was not previously discredited by any of his neighbors in the effort.

Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin, overpowered, and beaten up and only then did Zimmerman fire his weapon.

It was self defense.


This month the jury realized this despite the terribly flawed case the state tried to bring to bear on Zimmerman.

Put it this way, in what moral sense is anyone “guilty” of defending himself when he is in the midst of being beaten upon? How is it not a moral right to lash out by whatever means necessary when a larger, more powerful attacker is on top of you? You would condemn an awful lot of rape victims to immorality, in that case, Kingie. And why is the natural human right of self-protection only valid when you aren’t confronted by a black teenager, Mr. KoolKing83?

Finally, if Trayvon Martin, your drug-crazed, school-troublemaking, proven thief, was sooooo innocent, why did he start beating up this Hispanic man in the first place? Do innocent people go around beating people up as a first response to a verbal confrontation in your world, Koolio?

What you think of me, Mr. KoolKing83, I could not care less. But when you claim you are going to present “facts” it might behove to, you know, actually present facts.

So, there you have it. A year late, but a reply nonetheless.


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  • WTH---ironically, I just came across this post a bit late, as you did mine. If you want to talk about this through e-mail, I am more than happy to, but--for the public record, I did not, and would not, ever block you or anyone for that matter. You especially should know I never shy away from a civil debate. I've always respected your comments on my blog, and always wished you well at the end of my...rebuttal if you will. Feel free to e-mail me stevesanchez23@yahoo.com, and we can talk about this topic further. I hope that you do. Hope all is well.


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