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Photo: The Very First Computer in the U.S. House of Reps

This is an interesting post from Roll Call’s Friday Flashback: The First Computer in the House These days, in absence of computers it would be hard for Capitol Hill to conduct any business. But in the late 1960s, the new technology was a novelty in a world of typewriters and the ever-reliable pen and paper.... Read more »

Bankrupting America's New Webseries: The Government

(Not a bad little video. Good humor, nicely acted. This is worth watching…) Follow the day-to-day office life of a federal agency trying desperately to spend their way to a bigger budget. Learn more:

KoolKing83 Attacks: A ChicagoNow Blogger War That I am a Year Late in Noticing

ChicagoNow Blogger ‘KoolKing83’ Needs to Look Up the Word ‘Facts’ Usually I don’t indulge “blog wars,” as if I did that would be all I’d be able to do! After all, I write a lot of stuff and get attacked by enemies of good sense nearly as often. But in a ChicagoNow post by KoolKing83... Read more »

One Picture to Show the Difference Between Failed Government and the Business Sector

-By Warner Todd Huston A great image from Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam (R,IL) who recently posted a photo on his Facebook page that really highlights the failure of government. Roskam posted the photo with the headline “Government monopoly vs. private sector. Just sayin’.” And take a look to see how right he is… Here we... Read more »