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Love Wins: Fox Bus. Net's Sandra Smith Survives Long Distance Relationship

-By Warner Todd Huston The Chicago Tribune has a fun story about how Sandra Smith of Fox Business Network was able to parlay a long distance relationship into a solid marriage and a new baby soon to arrive. So, it can work folks. The story by the Trib’s Wendy Donahue gives us the heartwarming story... Read more »

CNBC Copies Fox Business Network With Houston, TX Coverage

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, when I said that CNBC’s business coverage was “playing catch up” with Fox Business Network, I didn’t know how close to the truth I had it as this month, CNBC copied FBN’s coverage from last fall of the amazing growth that Houston, Texas has seen over the last few years.... Read more »

Chgo Reporter Attacked by Chgo Teachers Union Thugs at Rally

-By Warner Todd Huston Jeremy Segal was filming the protesting Chicago Teachers downtown on Monday trying to get a few questions in with Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and agitator Rev. Jesse Jackson when operatives for the union began to push him, manhandle his video equipment and punch him in the chest. Segal was... Read more »

Ill. Senator Mark Kirk Comes Out of the Closet... In Support of Gay Marriage

-By Warner Todd Huston Republican Senator Mark Kirk, has joined the flip floppers on the GOP’s side and come out of the closet… about gay marriage. Via a short, two paragraph statement, Senator Kirk has come out in favor of gay marriage. Now, the media have decided this is an example of a Republican “evolving”... Read more »