Window Closing on Saving Ronald Reagan's Chicago Home

-By Warner Todd Huston

We have only a short time left to help save the walk up flat that Ronald Reagan lived in that is now situated near the University of Chicago.

The 90-day reprieve will end on Wednesday and “the situation is bleak,” as John Ruberry notes today.

Unfortunately, the six-flat that a young Ronald Reagan lived in is slated to be demolished for the university’s expansion. Many feel that this building should be preserved beause of its historical significance.

As Ruberry notes,

Reagan is the only president who was born in Illinois and lived here until accepting a broadcast job in Iowa after graduation. He was the first president to live in Chicago. Reagan was not Millard Fillmore, “Dutch” was one of the most consequential presidents in the history of our republic. And yes, Reagan has ties to the University of Chicago. He was a practitioner of the economic truths of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, a U of C professor.

If you would like to donate to help preserve this building, you can donate to:

Friends of President Reagan’s Chicago Home
P.O. Box 3772
Washington, DC 20027-3772

Or you can also donate via Paypal.

Friends of President Reagan’s Chicago Home also has a website.

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  • The spot is already reserved for the Obama Presidential Library, which will consist of only the two books he has written and his gasbag speeches, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

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