Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Indictment Document

-By Warner Todd Huston

It took some time but Jesse Jackson, Jr., once a high profile member of Congress from Chicago, has been indicted on absuse of campaign money. He used campaign cash to buy himself fur coats and historical memorabilia (such as Martin Luther King, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson collectibles).

Now, can I remind you all of a further point, here? This man ran for office knowing full well that this was coming. Further, his party allowed him to do so and were complicit in perpetrating this fraud on the voters. This proves that the Democrat Party is little more than a criminal enterprise at worst, and shockingly disinterested in what is good for the people or even their own voters at the least.

I am sure there is far more than this he’s done wrong, but these are the specific charges that the government brought against him.


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  • Good to see someone finally has forced this scumbag to face justice. I still think he tried to bribe Blago for Obamas former senate seat, him and Jesse Sr are both arrogant enough to try something like that. Watch the racism charges fly once this starts, him and his daddy have built there entire careers screaming racism. And as for the D party re-nominating this pig for re-election, in todays D party being a lawbreaking scum is a resume enhancement. See Jan Schakowskys hubby Roger Creamer for one such example, also don't forget they re-nominated Blago also knowing that Blago was facing legal problems. Ideology is all that matters to them.

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