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I Think I was Born in the Wrong Century!

-By Warner Todd Huston Being a conservative in the media, it is pretty plain that I am the odd man out. When I survey all my media brethren who are almost to a person extremely far to the left I realize I am just not one of “them.” But tonight I experienced one of those... Read more »

Inaugural Speech: The Real Obama Begins to Emerge

-By Warner Todd Huston We finally saw a small window into the real Obama during his ultra short inauguration speech. His is the most partisan president we’ve ever had and that sharply left-wing speech finally gave us a glimpse at his real goals. He essentially admitted that he doesn’t care a whit about compromise, will... Read more »

Guns to Stop Government Attack? Don't Be Ridiculous! Ask Elian Gonzalez!

-By Warner Todd Huston What is it that Second Amendment activists keep saying? That we need our guns to save us from government tyranny? Well, all you right wingers out there saying you need guns because you are afraid of the government attacking you in your homes…. stop with the histrionics, will you? That would... Read more »

The U.S. is NOT Experiencing a 'Gun Violence Crisis'

-By Warner Todd Huston Everywhere we turn we see liberals crying, weeping, and gnashing their teeth over the “gun violence crisis” we are experiencing in this country. But this claim is simply an outright lie. Crime in the U.S. has fallen by fifty percent in the last 20 years. Fifty percent! Yet we have gun-banners... Read more »

Seminar: How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

Do not pay more than your fair share. Join Cook County Commissioner Timothy O. Schneider, Commissioner Dan Patlak, and Hanover Township Assessor Thomas Smogolski to find out how how you can appeal your property tax assessment. Hanover Township is open for appeals through January 17th. Appeals can be filed online at the Cook County Board... Read more »

Suing Customers: Why Can't Bank of America Act Like Humans?

-By Warner Todd Huston It is well noted that we live in an overly litigious society. But one small company in Las Vegas isn’t just knuckling under the thumb of a big corporation and the hammer-fist of another big lawsuit. Instead, the small business is taking the revolutionary view that big business should treat its... Read more »