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Lombard Gas Station Sells Gas for $1.88, Same As When Obama Took Office

Here is something the liberal media won’t talk about. When Obama was elected president, gas was only $1.88 (average across the country). Now it is nearly $5 a gallon! Well, a gas station in Lombard lent itself to a bit of a protest event put on by Americans for Prosperity and for a period of... Read more »

Why is Democrat Brad Schneider Lying in 10th District Campaign Ads?

The Democrat running for Congress in the 10th District has an outright falsehood in one of his campaign ads now running on Chicago TV stations. In that ad, Brad Schneider claims that his Republican opponent, Bob Dold, is described as a “Tea Party loyalist.” This, however, is a lie. Schneider claims that the Houston Chronicle... Read more »

Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Tonight Defeats CNBC's The Kudlow Report for the Third Quarter

-By Warner Todd Huston We’ve noted here several times that Fox Business Network has been doing incredibly well in the ratings of late. Well, that surge seems to be ongoing. Fox Business has released a new press release announcing another success in the ratings. NEW YORK, Oct 01, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — FOX Business Network’s... Read more »

Were Rachel Maddow and Cameron Douglas Separated at Birth?

-By Warner Todd Huston You may have seen those many photo comparisons of people with the question “separated at birth?” captioning them? Well, for some Saturday fun, here is one to ponder… Here are a pair of photos, one of Cameron Douglas and the other of Rachel Maddow. Now you tell me… separated at birth?... Read more »

10th Ill. Race: A Democrat Running as a 'Businessman' Reports No Income?

-By Warner Todd Huston Demorat Brad Schneider claims to be a “businessman” in the Illinois 10th District race for Congress. With all that “business experience” he hopes to knock incumbent Republican Robert Dold out of Congress.Yet, with all his ballyhooing of his work with Cadence Consulting Group, LLC, a “small business,” Schneider has claimed no... Read more »

A STUNNING SUCCESS: D’Souza Receives Standing Ovation in Chicago

I attended the Chicago premier of “2016” with filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. He received a standing ovation from the audience at the Gene Siskel Theater at’s forum with host William J. Kelly. This is a movie that everyone needs to see.

A Review of '2016: Obama's America'

-By Warner Todd Huston This weekend I jumped the train from suburbia and trekked downtown to the Gene Siskel Film Center to attend a private screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2016: Obama’s America, a film that was chilling in its expose of our President’s true motivations. The screening of D’Souza’s 2016 was held by Read more »

'2016' Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza Hits Chicago THIS Saturday

Controversial anti-Obama filmmaker in town for SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 10:30 AM GENE SISKEL FILM CENTER WHAT: Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza visits Chicago for a VIP film screening and audience Q&A about his hit film “2016: Obama’s America.” The D’Souza event is being hosted by Chicago-based “Chicago may be the President’s adopted hometown but how... Read more »

Fox Business Network: Melissa Francis Taking On the Oil Crisis (And CNBC playing Catch-up)

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox Business Network’s Melissa Francis has been taking on the oil industry for about a month, now, discussing prices, stocks, and supply and how all this is affecting our economy. This week Francis is reporting from the hub of America’s oil economy, Houston, Texas, broadcasting from the George Brown Convention Center.... Read more »

I Am A Tired American

Are you sick and tired of the anti-Americanism surrounding you? Watch this and know you aren’t alone.