Proof Positive that Democrats Have Morphed into an Un-American Party

-By Warner Todd Huston

One of the main themes of this fetid Democrat Convention is that we, the citizens of the United States of America, belong to the government. This is one of the most un-American ideas I’ve ever seen adopted by a major, important American political party.

The whole point of the United States of America was that we the people owned our government. The founders did not start this country with the ideal that the government owned the people. In fact, they were adamant that this not be the case.

You see, the founders knew that a government that imagines that its citizens are its property is a despotic one, indeed. In fact, the founders had a controversy right at the outset of their new nation’s birth, one not of their own making but one that both proved the point of the danger of tyranny and threatened to snuff out their nascent union. That thing was slavery.

Slavery was a sticking point for many at the birth of our nation and while the founders did not have the power to end that disgusting institution, they did plant the seeds of its eventual destruction. A deeper discussion of that fact is for another time, though.

But the point is, the founders understood that this nation could not long last as a free and open society if the government felt it had a place as lord and master of its citizens.

Sadly, we have a major political party — the one born in the 1820s to protect slavery, it should be noted — now trying to reinstitute the dangerous idea that government is our master. The Democrats have jettisoned our American principles and have now fully embraced the un-American idea that the government owns us instead of the other way ‘around.

We have finally seen the Democrat Party of the United States admit that they hate our American principles. And they’ve gone farther in their fetid convention by eliminating God from their platform as well as kicking ally Israel in the teeth by agreeing with Islamofascists that claim Israel is an illegitimate nation and eliminating language that affirms that Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel. (They since reinstated both things, but only under the protest of a large, vocal block of the convention’s delegates)

If you are a Democrat, know that you are part of an un-American Party. Are you an un-American, too?

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