10th Ill. Race: A Democrat Running as a 'Businessman' Reports No Income?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Demorat Brad Schneider claims to be a “businessman” in the Illinois 10th District race for Congress. With all that “business experience” he hopes to knock incumbent Republican Robert Dold out of Congress.Yet, with all his ballyhooing of his work with Cadence Consulting Group, LLC, a “small business,” Schneider has claimed no income at all from that company for the past three years.

So, Schneider claims his work at Cadence Consulting Group makes him an expert businessman yet has no income from this business? How is that possible?
Well, that is a question that at least one 10th District constituent wants answered.

In his literature, Schneider claims that he’s “worked with small business, helping them grow and succeed.” He’s also said, “I’m a business guy. I like using numbers to solve problems and help people.”

Consequently, in his disclosures, at appearances, and on questionnaire forms, Schneider lists Cadence Consulting Group, LLC as his primary occupation.

Yet, despite claiming that Cadence Consulting Group, LLC is his chief source of income, he’s reported no income at all from the company for the last three years.

As The Washington Free Beacon notes, a local voter has filed a complaint with the FEC over the discrepancy.

“He’s been selling himself as a small business owner who consults and represents” multi-million dollar corporations, “yet from January 1st of 2010 to the present he’s reported zero income” from Cadence, said Lou Atsaves, a local GOP activist who petitioned the FEC in August to investigate whether Schneider violated disclosure laws.

FEC rules require a candidate to disclose his source of income received during the election cycle and Schneider does note income from other sources, but the very business he features in his campaign literature is not listed as one of them.

Mr. Atsaves, wonders why Schneider claims Cadence Consulting Group as his chief occupation yet reports not a penny of income from that firm.

“If he’s making money, then he’s being dishonest with his filing, and if he’s not, then he’s being dishonest with the constituents,” Atsaves said

“Something is wrong here,” Atsaves insists.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is also curious about the whole situation.

“It is obvious that Brad Schneider isn’t being honest with Illinois families,” Katie Prill, a NRCC spokesperson, told the Free Beacon. “Brad Schneider wants to say he is a successful businessman, but the documents he provided from his campaign to prove that show otherwise. Illinois families deserve to know what the truth is when it comes to Brad Schneider’s shady business background.”

How is it that Schneider can’t be honest with the very people in the 10th District that he wants to vote for him? And if he gets elected, how can those constituents believe a word he says in office?

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