Who is the 'Cancer'? I Say it's Obama!

-By Warner Todd Huston

The ad that Obama put out saying Mitt Romney killed the wife of a Kansas City steel worker is so dishonest, even the left’s favorite cable channels, CNN and MSNBC, have been excoriating Obama over it. But Obama’s tactic here is to just lie through his teeth on purpose in the hopes that some handful of voters will be stupid enough to believe him or will catch Obama’s lie-filled ad but miss the many people pointing out the lies in his ad.

Well, Crossroads America did a great job pointing out Obama’s lies here…

Crossroads also notes that team Obama keep claiming that they have nothing to do with the extremist, left-wing Super PAC that put out the ad in question. This is also clearly a lie.

In fact, the Obama campaign has much to do with Priorities USA. Obama campaign officials actually helped raise money for the ad they refuse to denounce:

  • White House senior advisor David Plouffe raised money for Priorities USA in March.
  • Obama campaign manager Jim Messina raised money for Priorities USA in February.
  • Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod raised money for Priorities USA in June.
  • Obama campaign staff may have attended other unreported fundraisers.

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