USA Today's Olympic Fantasy of an All Female Country

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Olympics is usually a time of a country to express pride in its athletes, all its athletes. But not for USA Today. No, USA Today thought it would be interesting to imagine if our female athletes were “their own country.”

In its post Olympics coverage, USA Today wasn’t happy enough that America’s female Olympians were big winners in London. For USA Today, Kelly Whiteside went to fantasy land.

U.S. female athletes have done more than their fair share, winning 27 of the team’s 41 gold medals so far. To put that accomplishment in perspective: If the U.S. women were their own nation, they would be third in the gold medal count.

“I’ve been thrilled to see how well U.S. women have done,” said Kayla Harrison, a gold medalist in judo. “It feels amazing to be a part of something so much bigger than myself; I definitely feel connected. To be able to say I’m a strong confident young woman and an Olympic champion is amazing, and I hope we have a million young girls inspired right now.”

The same holds true for China, as women have won 20 of that country’s 37 gold medals.

We are in such a politically correct era that a major newspaper can’t be happy that a nation’s athletes, both its male and female athletes, did well at an international sporting event without separating the sexes.

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