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This week, a Champion Talk Radio Special Program- Happy Birthday Jack Roeser, A Patriot that Champions the American Dream.

A full hour intimate interview with founder Jack Roeser… From humble beginnings to living the American Dream. Jack Roeser (John O. Roeser) is an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, businessman and more recently a civic leader and candidate for elected office.

Roeser is Chairman and founder of Otto Engineering Inc. in Carpentersville, Illinois, which manufactures electronic control and communication switches for aerospace, medical and industrial uses since 1961. In 2006, Otto had over 500 employees and annual sales of over $79 million. He has received over 50 patents in Electrical, Mechanical, Machinery and Marine products


Unions block public pension reform in IL legislature: The Illinois legislature failed on Friday to take any action to fix the state’s woefully underfunded public retirement system because of fierce opposition from unions and concern about the response of voters in the November elections. Negotiations quickly collapsed amid partisan bickering, with Gov. Quinn accusing minority Republicans of blocking reform and Republican Senate Leader Christine Radogno saying Quinn had failed to lead.

School starts- get ready for the street department!: Just after school starts, street department workers begin projects in many cities and towns throughout the state. Repainting streets and sidewalks, filling in potholes, resurfacing, painting fire hydrants and putting in handicap sidewalks are some of the projects you will see in the next few weeks. Even though they have had all summer long to perform many of these tasks, there is a reason for the street departments to wait until now.

Public Sector Unions Announce Endorsements for Illinois General Election: Both the SEIU and the Illinois Federation of Teachers have announced their endorsements for the November election. Historically, public sector union endorsements and campaign contributions come with “strings attached,” namely in exchange for legislative votes that heavily favor these unions at the expense of taxpayers. For most readers here, these endorsements therefore serve as a quick guide to the candidates NOT to vote for.


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