Heartbreak: Obama Disses White House Press Corps

-By Warner Todd Huston

The sycophantic press has once again been given the back of The One’s hand as the President took time out from his busy schedule of golf and fundraisers to give some interviews to the entertainment press, all the while ignoring the White House press corps with whom he hasn’t spoken in more than two months.

Several conservative voices have wondered why the President has been skipping the press for weeks now and finally someone in the world of “real” journalism has begun to carp about the lack of interaction with the President. After Obama took pufball interviews with Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine, ABC’s Jake Tapper could take it no more.

Tapper says the President is “dissing the White House press corps” even while taking non-confrontational interviews with the entertainment press and small local affiliates while on the campaign trail.

The last time Obama gave the WH press corps the opportunity to ask him some questions was when he took a grand total of six questions from them in June.

Tapper notes that Pres Sec. Carney has been asked when the President will take questions again. The reply was not encouraging.

Asked if the president will be holding a full-blown White House press conference any time soon, Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday, “I don’t have any scheduling announcements to make about that.”

One has to wonder why it’s taken two months for the press corps to start carping about being dissed by The One, though.

But it shouldn’t be any big surprise to Tapper or anyone else in the press corps that their love affair with The One is unrequited. Not but a few weeks ago Obama dissed the press scolding them that they aren’t doing their job correctly, anyway. In his opinion there is no reason for them to waste so much time covering “the other side” in this nation’s political debate.


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  • Obama thinks more industries should be taken over by the government, ala Government Motors, so why not just make the final move and take over the WH Press Corps officially? Then Emperor Obama can issue proclamations at will to the new government employees.

  • fb_avatar

    You know things are bad when he will not even talk to the backwards media that supports him.

  • Isn't it embarrassing to use terms like "the one", which is cribbed from the moralizing yet multiply-divorced, draft-dodging junkie from the am dial? I mean, isn't it just an admission that there won't be one original thought to follow?

  • In reply to Godwinslaw:

    Says the guy that embarrasses himself using rote name calling written for him by left-wing blogs and Air America! Try a little introspection, halfwit.

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