Dem. in Ill 10th District Backing Away from His Claims of Being Left-Winger?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Democrat Brad Schneider won his primary in the Lake County-centered 10th District by proudly telling voters he was one of the farthest left of the far left by self-identifying that he is a “progressive.”

Time and again Schneider called himself a “progressive” during the primary campaign seeing no reason not to identify with the most left-wing groups in America — such as those that started and supported the destructive, lawbreaking Occupy Wall Street “movement” that was nothing more than an excuse to do drugs, commit rapes, destroy private property, and chant hate for the United States of America.

Yet all of a sudden, during the campaign for the general election, Brad Schneider has dropped the whole “progressive” thing and is pretending to be a conservative Democrat!

The 10th Congressional District has long been represented by Republicans in the mold of John Porter, Mark Kirk and now Bob Dold. Brad Schneider is trying a new tact and is running as a bold, left wing progressive. Schneider’s campaign said that he would never join the Blue Dog Coalition of moderate, fiscally conservative democrats and Schneider himself said that the ”whole message of my campaign is about progressive values.” “A vote for Brad Schneider is a vote for bigger government, middle class tax hikes and more government borrowing, ” said Pat Brady, Illinois Republican Party Chair. “Illinois cannot afford to elect Brad Schneider to Congress.”

“Brad Schneider is in quite the pickle after running as an extreme progressive during his primary race. Illinois families need to know if Brad Schneider will double down on his extreme progressive values or do a 180 and run to the center in a lame attempt to placate voters.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill.

Schneider faces incumbent Republican Bob Dold in November.


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    Brad Schneider is now all of the sudden a "moderate"? Six months ago in the primary, Schneider was a "progressive". Does he think we're that stupid?

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