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VIDEO: Meet Mitt Romney and Family

This is the touching, well-made film that was shown at the Republican convention last night. It is a great piece to introduce Mitt Romney and family to the country.

Now Even The Word 'Chicago' Is Racist!

-By Warner Todd Huston In our new media era where everything said, thought, or alluded to is “racist,” we can now add the word “Chicago” to that growing-by-the-minute list of words that are now to be considered racial slurs. Thanks to MSNBC’s resident “biggest jerk in the room,” Chris Matthews, we now know that just... Read more »

Just Some horrid Writing at

-By Warner Todd Huston Usually I point out the bias and left-wing lies of CNN, but in this short post I just want to point out that CNN can offer up some really poor writing, too. In its pre-Thursday GOP convention coverage, CNN foisted this gem on its reading public (my bold): Republicans’ nearly singular... Read more »

(VIDEO) The Poster: 'I Just Can't Do it For Four More Years'

Video courtesy of American Crossroads.

CNN's 'A Team' Rather Do Hurricane Coverage Than RNC Convention

-By Warner Todd Huston Something interesting to note about the front half of this week’s coverage of the news over at CNN is that the network’s A team reporters — Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper — have for the most part eschewed the GOP convention preferring to stand in the winds of hurricane Isaac rather... Read more »

Left Said Right’s Linking Katrina to God was Terrible But Left Linking Isaac to God is Fine

-By Warner Todd Huston In 2005 after hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast like a sledgehammer, several folks on the right side of America’s political aisle suggested that the devastation the storm inflicted on New Orleans was somehow a punishment imposed on the city by God. Most on the right condemned the remarks. The left,... Read more »

Brit Columnist: We Hated Bush But Obama's Just as Bad

-By Warner Todd Huston Left-wing, British columnist Owen Jones was not a fan of George W. Bush, it seems. While this is no surprise for as screaming a left-winger as Jones, what is a surprise is that he has decided that President Obama is no real improvement over the “repulsive” Bush. In a recent column... Read more »

Tingles Matthews: 'If I Were Obama, I'd Marry' Bill Clinton

-By Warner Todd Huston Can MSNBC’s Chris Matthews make himself any more of a laughing stock? This slobbering sycophant doesn’t just stop with the thrill he gets up his leg at the mere sight of Barack Obama, now he’s having fantasies that if he were Obama he’d “marry” Bill Clinton! No, we are serious. One... Read more »

Ad Wars: Obama's 'Republican' Woman, Registered as Dem. for Last 6 Years

-By Warner Todd Huston One of Barack Obama’s recent ads for his re-election campaign is supposed to feature Republican women who have turned away from the GOP to support Obama/Biden. But, as it turns out, one of the women in the ad is not so “Republican” as she’s presented, having been a registered Democrat for... Read more »

Obama's Negative Campaign Excused as 'High Stakes of Campaign'

-By Warner Todd Huston The lengths to which the media will go to excuse the entirely negative campaign that President Obama is running seems to know no bounds. The latest is the dismissal of the interference that Obama and his minions are planning during the GOP convention. It is being excused away as if he... Read more »