UPDATE: So… What’s the Deal With Those Hats, Huston?

-By Warner Todd Huston

I’ve added some hats to my online picture essay of my collection, including some driving caps, goggles, and a road duster from around 1910 or so. I also added photos of the hat I have that President Lyndon Baines Johnson once owned.

A 1940s era Stetson Whippet

Many of you out there know me for my various vintage fedoras. But I have a lot more that I don’t wear out there when covering events. I well over 100 different hats in my collection, hats from the military, historical hats, fedoras, hats of all sorts.

Check it out…

So… What’s the Deal With Those Hats, Huston?

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  • Quite a collection of chapeaux. I tip my hat to your hats. Maybe if you wear the Great Society hat regularly, you might change your politics.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Ha! If you look in the photos, I do have one from FDRs New Deal era, though. It even has the New Deal regulatory tag in it. Fits me perfectly, but it makes me uneasy to wear it! LOL

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