Shock: CNN's Gay-Supporting Panel Agrees, Gays Should Attack the Boy Scouts

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, here’s a shocker. Soledad O’Brien’s gay-supporting panel on her CNN morning show, Starting Point, all agreed that gay advocates should attack the Boy Scouts of America for its recently renewed decision to exclude gay men from serving as scout leaders.

On its July 18 show, the entire CNN panel fell all over themselves to hero worship guest gay activist Zach Wahls, telling him how great he was and openly encouraging him to go after the Boy Scouts for its decision.

Panel member Margaret Hoover cooed, “I’m a big fan. I’ve followed you for a little while. You’re a wonderful spokesman for the effort for equality.” Democrat strategist and gay rights advocate Richard Socarides — who incidentally is never called a Democrat strategist and consultant on the show — was star struck telling Wahls that he’s “done great work.” Soledad herself quickly agreed with Socarides when he said Wahls has done great work. “Yeah, he certainly has,” she interjected.

Seeking “balance” on this panel, O’Brien had Hoover, noted above, and Will Cain, but both these folks are known as gay rights advocates. Hoover is even active in the gay conservative group GoPoud.

In other words there wasn’t a single member of the Starting Point panel that would have felt themselves disposed to come to the support of the Boy Scouts.

Speaking of Boy Scouts advocates, O’Brien didn’t bother to have anyone from the Boy Scouts on to add their side of the story, either.

I guess this is what Soledad meant back in 2011 as she was gearing up for Starting Point when she said that she wanted her show to be “smart.” Apparently, smart means skewed leftward.

See Newsbusters for the whole transcript of the exchange.

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