Roskam, Dold, Kinzinger Say Repeal Obamacare NOW!

-By Warner Todd Huston

They all voted to repeal Obamacare and here is what Illinois Republican Congressmen Peter Roskam (6th District), Robert Dold (10th District), and Adam Kinzinger (11th District) had to say as to why they did it.

First up, Rep. Peter Roskam.

“When the president was pitching this health care law, he made a lot of promises. ‘If you like what you have you can keep it.’ ‘It will not add a single dime to the deficit.’ ‘This is absolutely not a tax increase,’ and of course, ‘it will bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family.’

“But the promise is far from the reality. It is now clear that 20 million Americans are likely to lose their employer-based health coverage. When fully implemented, the law will cost $2.6 trillion, and add over $700 billion to the deficit. The average increase in family premiums doesn’t go down $2,500 as the president said, it goes up $1,200.

“And if all that wasn’t bad enough, this law contains over $675 billion in new taxes, with a dozen new taxes aimed at middle class families.

“We must remove this albatross on the economy. We will repeal and replace the health care law because the American people deserve better. They deserve patient-centered health care that they can afford. And the good news is, the American people will have the last word in November.”

Next Robert Dold.

“I believe that we need healthcare reform that not only addresses access to health insurance, but also the skyrocketing costs and quality of care. The Affordable Care Act merely addresses one piece of the puzzle, but in doing so it further hurts our economic recovery by dramatically raising taxes on hardworking families and small businesses by hundreds of billions of dollars. Additionally, concerns that the law would prove financially unsustainable and cost significantly more in reality than initially projected have been realized, as the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office now estimates that the law’s costs have nearly doubled to $1.7 trillion. There are certainly good aspects of this law which should remain in place going forward, but there’s a way to go about health care reform without bankrupting our nation, our families, and our small businesses. We must work together in a bipartisan manner and implement common sense reforms that will increase access, lower costs and provide quality care.”

And finally, Adam Kinzinger.

“The other day the Supreme Court made one thing very clear — the individual mandate is nothing more than a tax.

“The overall tax burden that this puts on our economy is staggering. The overall tax burden this puts on the middle class is staggering. And along with those unprecedented personal tax that this implements — let me point out two other major ones:

  • A $20 billion device tax – okay? You can pay for that, according to this bill.
  • A $102 billion small business health insurance tax.

“This bill clearly places a huge tax burden on the American people as said by the Supreme Court.

“And by the way, yesterday the administration asked for a tax increase on the majority of small businesses. But don’t worry because that’s only for a year, because in a year taxes will increase on all levels of income if the tax cuts are allowed to expire.

“In 2010, the American people sent a message to Washington when they sent one of the largest, boldest freshmen classes they have ever sent to Washington, D.C. We were here with the mandate stop the taxes, repeal this health care law. And we’ll do that.”

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