Obama's Crony Capitalism Hurts the Middle Class

-By Warner Todd Huston

Former GOP head Ed Gillespie is now one of Romney’s senior advisers. This weekend he was on CNN’s State of the Union show and he had something exactly right to say about Obgama’s crony capitalist economy and how it is hurting the middle class.

What they’re seeing is if you’re a political donor to Barack Obama, you’re going to do fine because you’re going to get a payoff. If you’re a middle class worker, you’re in jeopardy, you’re facing a layoff. That’s the kind of economy we’re seeing with President Obama. His buddies do well, political supporters do well, they get green jobs, money, and they get stimulus dollars. If you’re a middle class worker, you’re struggling right now and Mitt Romney can make things better for you and he has a plan to do and that’s what we’re talking about while President Obama is trying to talk about everything but.

Exactly right, Ed!

Worse, as we see company after company that Obama floated with the people’s tax dollars going down the tubes and folding while the big money Obama donors that ran those companies into the ground get away with pockets full of millions of our tax money so generously donated to them by the President, the rest of us are losing jobs, losing pensions, and losing our homes.

Barack Obama’s so-called stimulus did not help this country at all. The only thing that wasted money did was go to states to pay unions.

Barack Obama couldn’t be destroying this country better if he’d have planned it.

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