Obama Tells Audience 'Paralegals' Will Help Fainters, Media Mum

-By Warner Todd Huston

Remember when the Old Media assured us that Reagan was stupid, when they told us how dumb George W. Bush was, and how dumb McCain was? Remember how they were all too stupid to know what they were talking about? Not like Obama, right? Why he’s the smartest guy in the room… any room. Why he even knows that “paralegals” are on hand to help those who might faint at one of his campaign appearances. Well, that is what he said.

So what did Obama do? Well, he was at a campaign stop in Roanoke, Virginia and, as so many Obama-struck attendees are wont to do, there was fainting. From the podium, Obama said that he’d get some “paralegals” to come help.

Does Obama not know the difference between a “paralegal” and a “Paramedic”?

Twitchy posted several tweets made by the Old Media operatives that heard Obama make the faux pas, but Tweets seem to be the only “reporting” that the big media has done on this malapropism.

Where is the media that loves to make candidates look stupid? Where are the snarky news anchors smirking as they report this story?

Apparently no where to be found.

Now, there is no doubt that Obama simply misspoke. In fact, he laughed at himself only a moment after he said it. The fact that he just made that verbal mistake, well it doesn’t really mean much. He just made a mistake, he knew he made it, and he laughed at himself over it.

But this would not have prevented the Old Media from destroying any Republican candidate if he had said something as idiotic as mixing up a paralegal and a paramedic. It would have been the talk of the media for days.

Yet, Obama does it and we get silence.


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  • One can only imgaine the solecisms President Romney would commit.

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