Muslim Indiana Congressman: US Schools Should Use Koran as 'Foundation' Like Madrassas Do

-By Warner Todd Huston

Democrat Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana has a new plan for America’s schools. They should be retooled using the Islamic Madrassa as a model and their “foundation” should be the Muslim holy book the Koran.

Rep. Carson made these suggestions at the annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America held in Hartford, Connecticut on May 26. This year’s convention theme seems to have been “Our Family, Our Home & Our Destiny” and Carson took this concept to heart in his plan to remake American schools into a nation of Madrassas.

Can anyone imagine the outcry from the left and the Old Media both if a Republican Congressman had made the suggestion that our grade schools and high schools should be remade into Bible-pushing centers?

You may remember Andre Carson as the Congressman that suggested that all Tea Partiers would love to see black people “hanging on a tree.”

Carson also claimed that he was called the “N” word by Tea Partiers “fifteen times” as he walked to Congress during those tumultuous days in May of 2010. The Old Media lapped this claim up and presented it as fact despite that there was never any proof the incident ever occurred.


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    Congress financed the first bible publishing for the public schools. The inscription on the Bible said "For use as reference in the public schools and recommended reading for every American citizen." Thomas Jefferson has congress finance Bibles for the Indians and financed-through congress- the building of churches for Indians that were converted to the Lord. Jefferson also had the Marine Corps Band play the Hymns at Sunday service in the Capitol building. Christian church was held there for over 150 years, 4 different denominations and over 2000 people every Sunday in the Capitol building. Washingotn had Bibles printed-through congressional financing- for his troops. They were never delivered as he had won the war before final publishing.
    I'm recalling from memory, but I think 28 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence--the sister document of the Constitution- had Christian Seminary degrees.
    Those who say this is not a nation founded under Christ, are just ignorant and uninformed.
    Put it this way. If Christ was taught in the schools today- you wouldn't have students killing each other and then themselves-their friends, teachers and at an institution that was set up for their betterment.
    Remember that Orthodox Bible based Christians had PA and Massachusetts slave free by 1780, Conn. and RI slave free BY 1784, Vermont in 1786, NH in 1792, NY 1799, AND nj IN 1804, all territories ( at that time-Ohio, Indiana--etc)--by 1787.
    Christians led the woman suffrage movement for woman's rights.

    When this country turns away from Christianity, it fails.

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