Most Dishonest Democrat Party Tweet EVAH!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Obama has been blaming every problem he’s faced in the last three years on Bush. Obama also spent four years blaming Bush before being elected President. Every other phrase out of Obama’s mouth is “the mess we inherited,” or “the previous administration.”

So, what is the Democrat National Committee’s latest tweet? Why, what else but to say that Romney blaming others for anything “isn’t very Presidential.”

If this isn’t the biggest, most glaring example of hypocrisy, what is?

And the fact that the DNC is quoting a “journalist” is even worse. Liars stick together and these liars are incredibly brazen, aren’t they?


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  • Warner, who do you think will be Romney's VP? Condi? Rubio? Portman? Jindal?

  • In reply to gwill:

    I have no idea, but I am 100% against Jindal, Rubio, Ryan, and Christie.

    I don't think Christie has the temperament (and he's not a conservative anyway) and I would not waste Rubio, Jindal, or Ryan as a lowly VP (to a likely losing Mitt Romney candidacy).

    Rubio, Ryan, and Jindal are too important where they are to have their careers destroyed by a VP candidacy.

    History shows that nearly all losing VP candidates end up seeing the end of their career after the campaign is over. Only a few losing VP candidates still had a political career after they lost the VP spot (FDR, Nixon, Humphrey, Bob Dole come to mind as ones that had a career after losing a VP slot). We can't afford to ose these three guys to politics,.

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