More Proof: Democrats Just Love Vote Fraud

-By Warner Todd Huston

Fraud. This is one of the big reasons I am wholly against ballot measures. Rarely is there ever a ballot measure sponsored by Democrats that isn’t shot all the way through with petition fraud and we see it again in Ohio.

This time a petition drive is being pushed by several extremist left-wing groups to create an un-elected, state-wide board of quasi officials that will determine the shape of Ohio’s voting districts, all without input from the voters. In other words, Democrats and Sorros-like left-wingers want to put in an un-elected group of hacks that will always go their way regardless of the political climate in the state.

The way these left-wing groups are pushing this idea on Ohio is via a ballot measure. The idea of a ballot initiative is to get a certain number of signatures from voters so that the question can be put on the ballot at the next election. Then voters can decide if they want it or don’t want it. Seems regular old democracy, right?

But the problem with these left-wing ballot initiatives is that they are always, always, always filled with fraud. Democrats always fake thousands of signatures, commit fraud on a daily basis to get their numbers, lie to voters, and generally break every law on the books that governs ballot initiatives. And this one is no different.

Maggie Thurber reports that Democrats are telling people to sign their names multiple times, that they should make up names, that they can sign for family and friends… just committing fraud every day they walk the streets looking for signatures.

Heck, these lefties are even telling people that it’s OK to sign even if you don’t live in Ohio.

Still, we do have a nation with a troubled system of drawing election districts, to be sure. It’s been a problem since the earliest days of the republic, after all. You’ve heard the words “Gerrymandered District”? Well it was named after Elbridge Gerry who was Governor of New York and later one of our Vice Presidents… our FIFTH Vice President! Yeah, it goes back that far.

But this Ohio plan is bad. I’ll let Thurber, an Ohio resident, explain:

Voters First claims that by having non-elected individuals draw the lines, we’ll end up with better districts and less gerrymandering to create Republican- or Democrat-leaning ones. But the predominance of Democrats in larger cities and Republicans in rural areas, combined with the laws on discrimination and voting, make drawing districts extremely difficult to begin with and there is no guarantee that any other group will do any better than what we already have.

They say they want “politically balanced” districts – not “safe districts,” but also want to keep communities together inside a district. There is no way to draw a district that includes the city of Toledo or the city of Cleveland and not end up with a ‘safe’ district for a Democrat. Their goal of keeping the ‘community’ (city) together is incompatible with a “politically balanced” district.

As Thurber so aptly sums it up…

I’d rather have the elected representatives do this than rely upon a group of people I, as a voter, have no control over. This is the opposite of ‘voters first.’

But that is exactly what these leftists want. They want a “board” that answers to the left, that will draw districts that gives the left a leg up in power, and that conservatives and Republicans have no legal way to influence. Worse, these leftists want to take the power to affect this board away from the people Like Thurber said, that isn’t democracy.

But it IS leftism. Liberals, Democrats and leftists hate democracy with a passion. They always have.

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